5 Career Change Tips By Entrepreneurs

5 Career Change Tips By Entrepreneurs
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Change is for most people not easy to process. Humans in general are habit forming, so any change is often met with resistance. Nevertheless, the only constant in life is change. When it comes to careers, change can be a stressful phase in one’s life even when it is for the better.

Entrepreneurs know something about change. After all, to be successful as an entrepreneur “change” has to be fully embraced. Business owners and leaders often have to make decisions in uncharted waters and often with levels of uncertainty that to the average person would be very uncomfortable.

When it comes to career changes, people tend to experience an overwhelming level of discomfort and stress. This is even true when the change is for the better. Here are 5 career change tips by entrepreneurs.

5 Career Change Tips By Entrepreneurs

1. Understand that change is a constant.
Everything is always changing, whether we want it or not. The more adaptable we are the better it is for us. Being flexible during a career change can drastically reduce stress levels. Reach a level of comfort with these changes. This is true for employees as well as business owners. As an employee, positions change, bosses come and go, people move up, away, or leave etc. As a business owner, changes are constantly happening and successful business owners manage them well. When going through a career change, accept the changes as part of the process and try not to resist them.

2. Conduct the proper research before making decisions.
When going through career changes planned or not, conduct the proper research before making decisions. Take the time to investigate options, personal passions, your own assets, and so on. Employees may consider working with headhunters, placement agencies, temp staffing companies, or directly contacting companies one wishes to work for. Business owners may need to research vendors, research options, and collaborate with staff. Regardless of situation, taking the time to conduct proper research pays off when making decisions.

3. Career changes are not bad or negative.
Career changes can be stressful especially when not planned. Not planned changes in a career often mean laid off or a loss in employment, for a variety of reasons. This often is not a negative event, but a catalyst for acquiring a better job and/or career path. Career changes as uncomfortable as they may be at times are necessary to move up or onto a better career path. People often resist a career change until the current job because unbearable, so the career change becomes an absolute must. Attitude is a big part of a career. People should understand that the changes are not bad or necessary a negative event. They are going to be frequent if growth is the goal of the career. Growth without change is impossible.

4. Utilize relationships as much as possible.
Career changes are often easier when working with existing relationships. This is true for employees who utilize relationships for better and new positions, as well as for entrepreneurs. Business owners often find trusted vendors through relationships, acquire much needed knowledge, and partner on projects that can be profitable for all parties involved. Utilizing existing relationships as much as possible is very beneficial, when going through career changes and growth. People should nurture quality and positive relationships. These relationships can be personal relationships or more business related.

5. Ask quality questions to reach quality answers.
As one goes through a career change, one should ask quality questions to reach quality answers. Also, it helps to be honest with oneself. Some questions may be asked such as, “What is great about this problem?”, “What is not perfect yet?”, “What are my assets?”, “What are my passions?”, and many other. The better the questions, the better the potential for great answers. A career is a big part of one’s life, quality questions should be asked when considering a change.

For entrepreneurs, change is often managed through professional help such as through business consulting services. Consultants often work with business owners and leaders to ensure better success rates and results. Consulting services are a great asset to any type of organization. For example, business start-up consulting services help people with their new ventures, while marketing consulting services assist with marketing strategy, planning, and execution. There are many forms of consulting that can help people with their career changes.

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