5 Tips To Increase Retail Sales During The Summer

5 Tips To Increase Retail Sales During The Summer
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The summer can be a difficult time for many retail businesses and e-commerce websites. Retailing products during the summer season is for most companies more challenging. The summer tends to bring a slowdown in sales, revenue, and foot or/and site traffic. The summer is the time people travel, go on vacations, and take time out.

To increase retail sales during the summer, companies and entrepreneurs should get creative to drive sales. To help retailers, here are 5 tips to increase retail sales during the summer.

5 Tips To Increase Retail Sales During The Summer

1. Retailers should use more incentives during the summer.

Most retailers know the importance of using incentives during sales holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. They tend to often neglect the utilization of incentives during the summer months. When business slows down because of the summer, retailers should offer more incentives to increase sales. Incentives such as specials, deals, free shipping, bundled products, and freebies with certain level of purchases are commonly used.

2. Give more rewards to customers that are shopping.

Customers that are shopping during the summer months should get rewarded for their spending. Reward programs and giving VIP client’s special treatment can boost sales during the summer for many types of businesses and sizes. Offering customers special treatment, who shop during the summer is a great strategy to drive sales during those slower months.

3. Put Social Media to use during the summer months.

Even though many people are vacationing and traveling during the summer, they are still active on their favorite social channels. Companies that want to increase retail sales should gain visibility on those social channels and engage more in social media marketing campaigns during off-peak seasons. 66% of Millennials look up retail stores once their friends liked them on social media.

4. Create summer atmospheres to drive sales.

During the summer months, companies and retailers that want to increase sales should create a summer atmosphere and look. Brick and mortar stores can showcase in windows summer related items and themes. E-commerce websites can redesign temporarily their home page and key landing pages to reflect the summer time and support summer sales online.

5. Advertising to reach those summer consumers.

Certain types of advertising can be very expansive for companies and retailers. Paid advertising especially a costly marketing tactic. Nevertheless, during the summer months certain type of advertising, including paid advertising can be highly effective to increase sales.

Entrepreneurs and companies that want to ensure better sales during the summer months can always work with experts and professionals to gain insights and assistance. Consulting services and marketing campaigns that are properly setup and managed can highly benefit a company during the summer months that often cause a slow-down in business.

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