Best Ways to Market Skin Care Products Successfully Online and Gain Market Share

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The industry for personal skin care products has a $40 billion annual revenue in the U.S. alone. With the 50 largest firms producing almost 70 percent of revenue, how do the smaller companies compete in an online arena? They use techniques like search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click advertising, and blogging.

SEO is designed to make a website more visible to Internet users conducting relevant searches. The websites that appear on page one of a search results list are most likely to be visited, increasing the opportunities for profit. SEO methods include incorporating relevant keywords into website content, providing unique and informative information on the site, and securing links from other trusted sites.

Pay per click advertising through Microsoft adCenter, Google AdWords, or another relevant tool generates search volume for keywords. Advertisers submit ads to be listed on search results for relevant keywords and when Internet users click on the ads, they are taken to the website and the advertiser is charged. It is an excellent way to achieve instant visibility and thought it costs money, website owners agree that it is worth the investment.

Blogging is a powerful complement to other online marketing techniques. Blogs that feature informative content featuring well-placed keywords linking to the company website are like mini sites. They promote the products in a subtle way, educating consumers and providing helpful tips and techniques. Visitors can comment on blog posts, initiating interaction with the blogger.

Each of these methods is not difficult to use but some knowledge is required to use them effectively. Site owners who do not have the time or desire to educate themselves often contract with a business consulting service. If they select a consultant that specializes in the skin care industry, they receive customized solutions that are most likely to increase market share. In this business, experience and knowledge is key and attempting to do it your own is literally risking the future of your business.

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