Dealing With Skin Care Business Online Trash Talk

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social media gone awryBlogs, social media, and other online tools make it easier for businesses to engage with customers in new and exciting ways. Businesses use these platforms to ask customers for their opinions and feedback regarding products, brands, and marketing efforts. But, what happens when the response is less positive than anticipated? How does a skin care business recover from consumer feedback that could potentially tarnish its image?

The result of the McDonald’s Twitter promotion for its new Premium McWraps is the latest example of online customer feedback gone awry. Consumers flooded the campaign hashtag with inappropriate examples of what they would like to unwrap, thrusting the fast food giant into uncomfortable territory. This came on the heels of another Mickey D’s campaign that resulted in consumers overrunning its Twitter hashtag with negative restaurant experiences.

Even product aggregator sites are not safe from trash talk, as an Amazon product page for a banana slicer has been overrun by mocking reviews that dwarfed the marketing message. To prevent online customer engagement from reaching this point, skin care marketers must anticipate how the public will engage with its products and brand. They should consider each possible way, including the worst, that a marketing message could be interpreted.

If online consumer feedback has already gotten out of hand, a skin care business can recover. The worst approach is shutting down the ability for consumers to comment. Instead, the business should show its human side, roll with the punches, and participate in the discussion while remaining true to the brand. However, once consumer responses become offensive, a business has the right to delete these comments following advance warning. An experienced consultant can objectively determine when this has occurred and help a business avoid such problems with future marketing efforts.

Skin care businesses without experienced marketing staff should get professional assistance from a consultant before embarking on a social media campaign. A consultant with expertise in online marketing and the skin care industry can help the business create appropriate campaigns for each social media platform. This professional will prepare the business for success in the world of social media.

Inviting consumers to discuss products and branding online opens a skin care business to all types of feedback. Business leaders must determine whether their companies are prepared to handle this public discussion. With help from a consultant, a skin care company can market itself through social media without opening the floodgates.

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