Increasing Retention of Skin Care Ecommerce Customers

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business consultantsA skin care business that operates online relies on its virtual presence to attract and retain customers. One-time customers do not contribute to continued growth; it is returning customers who are critical for long-term success online. Increasing customer retention by just five percent can increase company profits by between 25 and 125 percent. Simply installing the most customer-friendly skin care ecommerce platform is not enough. Every online business should follow a customer retention strategy.

Offering freebies can turn prospects into customers and keep new customers coming back. When releasing a new skin care product, add a splash page to the company website promoting the item and allowing visitors to request free samples. The amount paid to create and ship these freebies is usually small compared to the amount of new and continued business this yields.

You have only between ten and 20 seconds to capture the attention of website visitors. Make this time count by improving the quality of Web page content. Provide information that is relevant, valuable, and easy to understand. Explain ingredients and their benefits, particularly if these substances are not familiar to typical shoppers. Personalize the site by tailoring promotional offers and images based on user behavior.

A call to action adds value to a Web page and using an inbound keyword to personalize the experience can be very effective. For example, if the majority of visitors use the keyword “moisturizer” to arrive at your site, incorporate this keyword into a landing page containing a call to action. Use several variations of the term and review analytics to determine which result in traffic that is most relevant.

Gamification is a hot online trend that almost any business can use. Use games to improve the visitor experience and provide rewards when skin care goals are achieved. Major brands have used games to significantly increase their revenues and a professional can help brainstorm and develop relevant games at reasonable price tags. Visitors will spend more time on the site and tell their friends about it.

The customer experience does not end with checking out through the skin care ecommerce platform. After making a sale, ask the customer to complete a survey regarding the shopping experience. Customers will appreciate the active communication and the feedback provides guidance for future marketing activities. Research shows that follow-up marketing frequently cycles customers to the top of a sales funnel. Base the content of this promotion on revenue metrics and survey feedback.

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