Professional Tips for Marketing Beauty Products

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skin care business, marketing for skin care businessWhen faced with the daunting task of designing new promotional campaigns, marketers often wish they had professional help. This is particularly true for those responsible for marketing beauty products. The beauty industry is cutthroat and there is no indication that this situation will change. Relax, because assistance is here in the form of value-added tips from the experienced skin care marketing professionals at Illumination Consulting.

By following our advice, anyone can be an excellent marketer. The goal is to work smarter, not harder, and to reach the most prospects with messages that convert them into paying customers. Begin with a strong foundation, choosing a good business name and tagline. Move on to establish an online presence by selecting a unique domain name that reflects the name of the business. Professional companies should not use other domains such as Yahoo! or Gmail.

Follow the advice of marketing guru Seth Godin and make the business “remarkable.” Something that is remarkable gets attention and causes people to talk. Use images, messages, and concepts that stand out amongst competitors. If the beauty product is not one-of-a-kind, talk about one of its unique features or notable benefits. Customers will be hooked once they sample the item and verify that it delivers.

Silo marketing, which involves investing money, time, and effort in a single lead source, is not a smart approach to revenue generation. Instead, spread marketing efforts across several mediums including print, direct mail, social media, video, and referrals. When investing in a lead generation program, make sure it builds your brand, not the brand of the company offering it. Speaking of brands, get professional help to develop a unique logo and use it consistently.

These days, it is all about who knows your business, not who you know. When networking and meeting new prospects, leave business cards behind as professional reminders. Design a card that conveys a story about the business, making a strong first impression. Create marketing campaigns that position the business as the most recognizable in the beauty products industry. This will capture the attention of many, accelerating business success.

When marketing beauty products, take unconventional approaches. Rather than competing with other beauty product companies for common target audiences, go after new demographics. Reach out to new prospects before they recognize a need and win them over before the competition has an opportunity to do this. Take the marketing campaign from idea to action, executing it today to gain new business tomorrow.

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