Search Engine Marketing Consulting Strategies for Effective Link Building and SEO

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Effective Link Building and SEOWhen some business owners need assistance with improving online visibility, they turn to a search engine marketing consulting firm. This agency helps clients improve their rankings in search engine results. Technology moves at a fast pace and what helps a company top a search results list today may be ineffective tomorrow. Consultants specializing in search engine marketing are constantly changing their strategies to improve client rankings.

During the past two years, Google Panda and Penguin updates changed the best practices for online marketing. These algorithm updates affected everything from how to build a website to how to create backlinks, those valuable links pointing from external sites. Websites that still purchase links or use automated directory submissions should update their link building strategies immediately.

What techniques do consulting firms currently recommend? One approach involves drafting articles to publish on other websites, a process called guest posting. This provides access to new audiences and creates backlinks to the website. Submitting high-quality content to reputable, well-known blogs helps build relationships with both these sites and their audiences. For from an automated process, guest posting involves thought and skills.

Google is taking a hard stand with sitewide links in page footers and sidebars. Instead, site owners should place onsite links within page content. To build links from other websites, a site owner emails these sites and requests placement in content on the relevant page. The recipient may ask the site owner to do the same, creating a new form of link swapping that should be effective for complementary businesses. By analyzing competitor backlink profiles, a site owner can discover additional new sources for backlinks.

Infographics are images that present data in a graphical format that is pleasing to the eye. The best infographics are shared across the Web, creating a new link each time they are referenced. Infographics are particularly hot right now due to the increasing popularity of Pinterest and other visually-based social media networks. Search engine marketing consultants help clients develop and distribute infographics worthy of sharing with large audiences.

One of the most effective techniques being used by search engine marketing consulting firms does not require collaboration with other businesses. However, it does require creating content that is both valuable and sharable. Placing links on social networks can take this content viral when other people notice and share it. Resulting backlinks are created by the public but the website owner reaps the real rewards in the form of increased traffic and sales.

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