Secret Tips That Make Skin Care SEO More Effective

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Experts love to provide tips because it shows that they know more than the rest of us. Well, not really…they offer tips to help others succeed. Here at Illumination Consulting, we have plenty of experts who are chomping at the bit to reveal their secrets regarding effective search engine optimization (SEO). If you have a skin care company, read on to learn about the most well-kept skin care SEO secrets. Then, contact us to implement them on your website.

With SEO, content is critical so make sure each Web page is well-written and features unique content centered on a primary keyword or a keyword phrase. Links are second in importance only to content so use the keyword or keyword phrase to create high-quality backlinks rather than a link that reads, “click here.” The fastest way to get a new site spidered  is to have another quality site link to it.

Each page should feature a unique title tag focused on the keyword. Company names are usually only searched if they are major brands but if you insist on including your company name, place it at the end of this tag. If the site must feature image links, image maps, and drop down Java script menus, insert text links on the page so the search engine spiders can follow them.

Keywords should be used in image ALT attributes and the website domain name. After deciding whether to use a www or non-www domain, use a 301 to redirect the unused version to the domain being used. Within the site, the link to the home page should not have index.html appended to it. Link back to the domain so the links will not be split.

PageRank may seem like an important statistic but do not spend much time worrying about it. This is just one component of a site ranking algorithm. A site with a lower PageRank sometimes outranks a site with a higher PageRank. Keep content updated so search engines view the site as more relevant and give it a higher ranking. To be noticed for local searches, put the company location in page text.

Always consider these skin care SEO techniques when designing a website. Search engine spiders cannot crawl images or a Flash-based site. If you are not designing the site, convey your organic SEO expectations to the web designer. When using our web designers, this is understood because they recognize the importance of SEO.

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