Graphic Design Services

Custom graphic designs are images that represent the ideas of organizations who want to communicate a specific message. Images can be powerful and convincing tools of communication, conveying data, feelings, and reaction. People respond to images individually based on their personalities, culture, and experience.

Organizations use graphic designs to communicate with their target audience via the visual modality. Graphic design is a part of daily life. Graphic design informs, organizes, stimulates, locates, identifies, attracts, and influences.

Experienced designers are experts at presenting information in visual forms. In some cases, they rely on words to convey a message, but they use words differently. To designers, what the words look like is as important as the literal meaning in the design process.

Graphic Design

Creative, clean, clear and unique graphic designs deliverables with brand vision and image in perspective. Graphic design services are needed in various areas starting with a logo, to more complex design projects.



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  • We specifically looked for a firm that had experience in the beauty industry and got lucky. We found Illumination Consulting, which was a perfect fit for our needs. They helped us with our technology needs and marketing campaigns. The design work is most impressive with them. Thank you.

    Crystal Evans
    Voda Cosmetics
  • We needed lots of help with our website, marketing and advertising. We found Illumination Consulting and everything started to change for the better for us with our brand. They really understood, what we needed and were able to help us in all the areas. It is great working with just one company and get so much accomplished.

    Heather Larson
    Mom's Skincare
  • Thanks to Illumination Consulting for all the excellent work and support. We established a brand new beauty brand and company with their help. In less then a year, we created a new brand, e-commerce website, and product line. They really knew our industry well and what is required.

    Tony Vargas
    Tilth Beauty

Design Benefits

Professional design expertise help organizations create recognizable graphics that make them stand out, communicate value to your market, and make a business look even more established and professional.

Professional graphic designers can save money. Designers have the know-how to make sure graphics and marketing materials are designed and prepared correctly the first time.

Custom designs more accurately represent a business persona, with the customized logo and color combination that is more specific to the company. Custom design gives an organization an advantage.

Creating Impression

According to the famous proverb, “the first impression is the last impression”, and this is true in case of graphic design. With immaculately designed graphics, a business can create that first impression on their target audience.

Attract Attention

With the help of attractive and detailed graphics, a company can much better grab the desired attention. When the graphics are enticing and alluring, an organization has better chances to keep a potential customer interested.

Build Trust

Graphic designs help build trust amongst customers. Trust plays a critical role in selling buyers about the quality of your products or services. With quality designed website, logo, brochure, etc. trust increases.

Increase Sales

Images are a critical component of marketing and advertising these days. Quality design influences search marketing, social media, print material, and many other aspects increasing sales of a business.

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