Top 5 LinkedIn Marketing And Sales Benefits For Skin Care Brands

Top 5 LinkedIn Marketing And Sales Benefits For Skin Care Brands
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LinkedIn started out with the aim of linking employers with potential employees, providing a place for individuals to post resumes, offer referrals, and to post job openings.

Since then, however, LinkedIn has evolved into a much more robust networking tool for brands, enabling skin care companies to grow their customer bases, generate product sales, and gain valuable feedback through LinkedIn marketing campaigns.

1. Search Engine Optimization from LinkedIn for Skin Care Brands

LinkedIn allows skin care companies to make brand profile information available for search engines to index. This greatly benefits Search Engine Optimization campaigns. Since LinkedIn profiles receive a high PageRank in Google, it is a way to influence what people see when they search for skin care. Brands can also link to blogs or websites from LinkedIn. Also, as with Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn now gives users the capacity to share content. This method is known to be an influencer of search engine ranking positions (SERPs).

2. Paid Advertising on LinkedIn for Skin Care Brands

Linked in has 120 million users worldwide and vast targeting abilities for skin care brands. The business network has followed Facebook’s example and introduced the system ‘LinkedIn Ads’. This has opened up advertising to skin care brands on a cost per click (CPC) or impression basis (CPM). It is possible to tailor skin care advertising by job title and function, industry and company size, seniority, age, gender or linked in groups.

3. Employment & Recruitment on LinkedIn for Skin Care Brands

LinkedIn can provide easy access to potential candidates for skin care companies. There are both paid options and those involving no financial commitment. Businesses can search for candidates that fit their required level of expertise and approach them directly, provided they are at least ‘2nd degree’ contacts. For further functions and searches, a monthly subscription is required. The basic business package allows brands to contact any individual with a LinkedIn profile.

4. Improved Customer Satisfaction through LinkedIn for Skin Care Brands

LinkedIn has a perfect avenue through which to interact with skin care customers, with surveys, messaging and comments. It is a perfect system for achieving great skin care customer satisfaction. Skin care customers appreciate having their voice heard. The benefits of a well-maintained profile centered on outreach – whether to new skin care customers, new vendors, or even new employees.

5. Brands Building Trust Amongst Customer And Target Audience on LinkedIn

Build trust for your skin care brand: LinkedIn has many groups that are devoted to specific professional topics. Brands can join the ones that are relevant to them. After brands participate for a while, they can start their own discussion topics within the group, or even posting an article for the group to digest and discuss. Brands can offer relevant information and product sales and new customers can be gained.

In the end, LinkedIn is developing into an ideal place to grow a skin care brand. Like any social networking tool, LinkedIn must be setup correctly, professionally, and completely and this will take some time. Brands can always get the help through LinkedIn marketing consulting services or social media marketing to get assistance and ensure the proper setup of LinkedIn for their brand.

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