Using an International Business Consultant to Enter the Asian Skin Care Market

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Asian Skin Care MarketOn a global scale, skin care is a $100 billion industry and the continent of Asia is responsible for nearly half of that revenue. Facial care products represent approximately 85 percent of skincare revenue in Asia, with northern markets of Japan, Korea, and China leading the way. Japan and newcomer Korea represent the cornerstones of Asian beauty brands but with help from an international business consultant, many a foreign brand is entering this market.

Global brands are quickly realizing that marketing their existing products to these nations will not work. North Asians have a very intensive skin care regimen that involves using six to eight products every morning and five to seven products at night. Western product lines do not achieve this level of sophistication and must expand in order to compete in Asia.

All of that product layering results in higher skin sensitivity and many foreign formulas, particularly those made in America, irritate the skin of North Asians. In addition, Asian skin has different requirements in terms of care. Though it does not wrinkle as early as Caucasian skin does, brown spots tend to appear earlier. Western skin care treatments address western skin needs not the needs of Asian skin.

Residents of western Asia belief that quality of skin care products comes at a price. This quality should be evident from the moment the consumer views the item through the final use. Only the highest-end western brands meet this requirement. Western skin care companies must spend more to make more, packaging their products attractively and using the highest-quality ingredients that treat issues plaguing Asian skin.

These differences have led many global brands to create special product lines for Asian skin, the Asian beauty regimen, and the different philosophy regarding skin care. Western brands have a place in this market because Asians view them as sophisticated and globalized. It is the products that need overhaul and expansion to become more suitable for Asian consumers. These shoppers have an increasing amount of money to spend and they want to spend it on products such as skin care treatments.

Any skin care business that is considering an expansion into Asian markets should take these factors into account. An international business consultant can streamline the growth process because this professional has experience with the Asian skin care industry. Advice and guidance from an expert like this will help any skin care business achieve international success.

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