Skin care logo design services by experienced senior designers. Branding and graphic design services for the beauty, cosmetic and skin care brands by Illumination Consulting. A leading service provider for the beauty industry.

Our skin care logo design services come with multiple logo designs, mix and match shapes, colors, fonts if applicable to get the perfect end result. You have to love the logo. Our design team prides themselves on working with clients to ensure you end up with the logo you love for your beauty company.

Branding is a critical element of a beauty company’s success. In the beauty industry, we judge the book even more by its cover. How a beauty brand’s image looks is an important aspect of the business. Appeal matters within the beauty industry. This is true from the start with the logo, website, packaging, and so on.


  • Skin Care Logo Consultation
  • Custom Graphic Design
  • Multiple Options
  • Edits & Customization
  • Final Copies for Print & Digital Media

Professional skin care logo design services by industry experienced guarantees better results. Work with experts to get the branding and logo design that is necessary to have the best chances at success. Only senior graphic designers work on client projects. Logos for the beauty industry are very important since they will be on all the packaging as well. In addition, on websites, videos, print materials, and more.

Our graphic designers have over 12 years of beauty industry experience, creating stunning skin care, cosmetic, and beauty logos for clients. All logo design services are important for most industries. The beauty industry has gotten accustomed to a level of quality that consumers are expecting to see. This forces brands to match the expectations in branding, websites, as well as product packaging. Beauty brands that do not match the expectations of consumers tend to do poorly in sales and market share.