10 Questions To Ask When Evaluating The Quality Of A Website

10 Questions To Ask When Evaluating The Quality Of A Website
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How does an entrepreneur or a business know if their website is of quality? After all, many business managers and owners are not website designers and developers. Of course, when a website does not produce results, it is a clear indication that something must be adjusted, but what is not always clear.

Most websites have flaws for a number of different reasons. In order to improve the results of a website, certain questions should be asked to evaluate the quality of a website. Then, the proper actions can be taken to implement improvements and a redesign.

Here are 10 questions in order to identify what needs to be improved on a website that does not produce the desired results.

10 Questions for Evaluating the Quality of a Website

Website Design

1. Is the design of the website aesthetically appealing and attractive?

2. Is the website developed with Responsive Design technology (HTML5)?

Call to Action

3. Does the website offer the proper incentives to site visitors?

4. Are the “call to action” elements designed and placed appropriately?

Website Navigation

5. Is the website navigation easy to find and user-friendly?

6. How many “clicks” does it take to reach key site pages?


7. How compliant is the website with W3C coding standards?

8. Is the website cross-browser compatible?

Marketing Tools

9. Is the website properly optimized for search engine results?

10. Does the website have enough and the proper content for search results?

To receive better results with websites, better quality questions must be asked. Then, appropriate action should be taken to adjust, edit, and redesign to improve the performance and results of a website.

Effectively evaluating and managing the design and development process of a website is crucial in ensuring the success of a website. When entrepreneurs and companies are not sure, they can always work with experts to ensure best possible results. Consulting services are a great way to avoid costly mistakes and loss of opportunity with website design and development.

Working with vendors that have the necessary knowledge and experience as well as skills is critical. Experienced website designers and developers who have specific industry experience, just know what works and what does not. Industry experience provides additional expertise that regular website design vendors may not have.

One of the best methods to improve a website performance and results is to understand the desired target market and work with professional web designers. Many firms offer a free consultation, but a consultant can be as well hired to review objectives, company goals, and current website if available. For entrepreneurs and start-up companies, a consultant can help avoid costly mistakes and poor website performances.


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