10 Things To Remember With Product Packaging Design

10 Things To Remember With Product Packaging Design
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Product packaging design does not have to be a complex task, but it has to be effective and sell the product. Designers often believe that packaging design just has to be appealing. This is not necessary true. The packaging design has to be effective on multiple levels.

There are some basic principles that have to be kept in mind when creating product packaging and the design for it. The main purpose for packaging of products is of course for what is inside, but it is also for sales purposes. Packaging holds products, but also has to sell the products.

Consumers have many choices these days and product-packaging designs all compete to get the attention from consumers and hopefully the sale. In addition, there are trends to pay attention too. Apple has for a long time now used simple, clean and elegant packaging for their products. This has created a trend for simpler packaging designs for many industries.

So, what is a great product packaging design? It really depends on the product itself and the industry it is for as well as the target audience. There are many aspects that need to be considered when designing product packaging. Here is a list of 10 things to remember when creating packaging and designing packaging.

10 Things to Remember with Product Packaging Design

1. Know Your Target Audience

For packaging design to be effective and work, designers have to do their due diligence on the target audience. Understanding the consumer market and desired target audience is key to creating effective product packaging designs.

2. Have the Product Inspire the Design

The product itself should inspire packaging designs. Designs for packaging should incorporate the unique qualities of the product and characteristics. To have packaging that sells, the product itself should be incorporated into the design.

3. Make the Packaging Practical

Packaging form, shape, and size make a difference with consumers and retailers. Packaging should be practical, easy to open, and use. Designs that are too unique or odd may actually harm the sales efforts. Make packaging practical!

4. Understand the Plan for Sales

To create product-packaging designs that sell, designers and brands must keep in mind the strategy for sales. Packaging should address the needs of consumers but also the needs of distributors, retailers, and other sales channels.

5. Incorporate Green Packaging

Consumers love sustainable packaging and products. Companies that use “Green” packaging can leverage their conscious decision with packaging, sales and marketing. Incorporating “Green” packaging aids sales efforts.

6. Get the Consumer’s Attention

If the packaging design does not get the attention of consumers, it does not simply work well. Designs for product packaging has to grab the attention of the target audience, but also be appropriate for the sales channels such as retailers.

7. Protect the Product Itself

Packaging design does not just have to grab the attention of consumers, but also protect the product itself. Many products have to be protected from the sun, heat, or other elements. The packaging should incorporate the need of the product itself.

8. Keep in Mind Production

Many companies do not think about the production part of creating products. Product packaging should not be too complex to produce. Reordering should be possible with easy, ordering larger quantities, and also the logistics such as shipping should be worked out.

9. Consider the Colors and Fonts

When considering the colors and fonts for product packaging, it should be clearly reviewed keeping everything in mind such as customers, vendors, and sales channels. Colors and fonts evoke emotions so they should be carefully considered.

10. Use the Right Language

What is being said is just as important as how it is displayed. Using the right and proper language is important for effective product packaging designs. The consumer target audience and sales channels have to be considered when creating the content for packaging designs.

Brands, entrepreneurs, and companies that wish to create effective product packaging designs can always get the assistance for it through consulting services or reputable companies that have the ability and track record of producing quality designs for product packaging. Graphic design ability and quality as well as experience with products make a difference.

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