5 Key Functions Of Google Webmaster To Increase Website Traffic

5 Key Functions Of Google Webmaster To Increase Website Traffic
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A tool that is often overlooked by companies is Google Webmaster Central. This Google tool is critical to understanding the details of a website, but it also has key functions to increase website traffic.

Any website and really for any industry should have Google’s Webmaster Central tool installed and setup properly. It can quickly give valuable insights into a website’s health, keyword searches, and many other vital information.

Another major benefit of Google Webmaster is that it can help a website increase traffic. Here are the top 5 key functions that will accomplish this.

5 Ways to Increase Website Traffic with Google Webmaster

1. Add a Sitemap for Indexing

A sitemap is an important tool for increasing website traffic. It is similar to an index in a book. Sitemaps allow search engines such as Google to see the structure of a website and key content details. These XML sitemaps can be automatically generated and many CMS systems come with tools to do so. They help with search engine rankings and traffic.

2. Correct Website HTML Errors

When the Webmaster tool by Google is installed, it will scan the website and create reports on HTML errors with details. This allows website owners and companies to correct the HTML errors and therefore improve the websites code. This will increase the chances of getting more website traffic.

3. Fix Server Errors

Google Webmaster reports and lists the server errors it finds related to the website it is installed for. These server errors can vary, but all of them tend to not be good for generating website traffic. They work against it and can cause a website to not perform adequately. Once server errors are identified, they should be fixed to improve the website performance and increase traffic.

4. Remove all Bad Links

This is a critical component of increasing website traffic. After all the Google changes over the last couple years such as Panda, Penguin and Humingbird, many websites are considered of poor quality. Removing bad links, means not having any poor quality websites link to the site that wants to increase traffic. Google Webmaster allows companies to remove bad links to a page with a new tool called Disavow Tool.

5. Geo-Targeting

Geographical targeting can help a company website improve it’s search rankings and website traffic in specific regions. If a website does not cater to the worldwide audience, it should be targeted at the prime target marketing geographically. Google Webmaster Central allows websites to specify which regions it wants to target. This tends to improve the search rankings in the desired region vs. trying to become visible worldwide for the same keywords.

Companies that are not sure how to go about improving their website structure and health, can always work through marketing services or consulting services and get professionals to analyze their website, review key elements, and suggest improvements to increase website traffic. Google Webmaster Central is one of the most important tools for website operators and marketers.

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