How Does Organic SEO Marketing Benefit A Business?

How Does Organic SEO Marketing Benefit A Business?
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A business that wants to take advantage of the Internet has to market itself online to become visible and gain market share. In today’s digital age, a company has many options, when it comes to marketing. No marketing method has been more complex and important than organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Why is SEO so important to a business? How does organic SEO marketing benefit a business is what most entrepreneurs, business leaders and decision makers asked themselves. Here are some of the main benefits of SEO for company websites and the business.

SEO Benefits to the Company Website

Increased Website Visitors

One of the key benefits of SEO for a company website is an increase in site visitors. SEO improves the rankings of a website for specific keywords. Once better rankings are achieved, the website has more visibility in search and experiences more visits, therefore more site visitors. Conversion then dictates the ratio of website visitors vs. sign-ups, sales, form submissions, and so on.

Higher Search Engine Rankings

Proper SEO marketing drives a company website up in search engine rankings. Higher rankings with search giants such as Google can significantly impact a business and company website. Being ranked in the top 10 of Google for the main keywords is highly beneficial to a company website and business. It can feed a business leads, sales, and opportunities for years to come.

SEO Friendly Website Design

Part of SEO marketing is what is called offline SEO, which is the act of optimizing a website and making it very “SEO Friendly” or simply in alignment of what Google likes to see and up-to-date with technology applications such as Responsive Design (HTML5), which are websites that work properly across all major devices such as smart phones, tablets, and computers.

Keyword Research

Marketing via Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requires the research and analysis of keywords or keyword phrases. Companies choose the most relevant keywords to their business, products, services, and so on. Some keywords yield more traffic, but can be more competitive. While other keywords, yield less traffic but are easier to rank for. A business has much to gain from learning how search engines work via keyword research.

Market Analysis

When launching a Search Engine Optimization campaign, a business increases its market knowledge. Market analysis is conducted to determine online competitiveness, opportunities, trends, etc. A business gains valuable market knowledge with SEO campaigns. This knowledge sheds light on the competition and what they are doing that works online for example. SEO marketing looks at hard facts and statistics for companies and industries.

SEO Benefits to the Business

Beat Competitors

One of the most important benefits of SEO is the fact that SEO levels the playing field. Google based on their algorithm and identifiers decides who ranks in the top. It is not like paid advertising, where the largest budgets win. With SEO, even a start-up can outrank an established enterprise. SEO is one of the best marketing methods to beat competitors.

Improved ROI

SEO marketing campaigns have the highest return on investment (ROI). A business has much to gain financially from Search Engine Optimization, amongst many other benefits. Improved ROI across all marketing functions can be experienced with a proper SEO marketing campaign, supporting other efforts.

Build Client Base

SEO campaigns build a solid client base for a business. Search rankings for industry terms, products, and/or services give a business long-term exposure to build their client base and brand awareness. SEO rankings give a company 24/7 visibility and if needed worldwide.

Increase Sales

With Search Engine Optimization campaigns, a business sees a significant increase in sales. It is important to note that it will not come overnight. SEO is a long-term game. It takes time to achieve the desired top results. The more competitive the market, the longer it will take. Nevertheless, once rankings are achieved a business also sees an increase in sales.

Better Quality Traffic

SEO provides a very specific and keyword oriented method of increasing site traffic. Because of this keyword oriented method, the website traffic is of better quality. It tends to be extremely specific, when done right. This focused approach gives a business much better quality traffic, which results in higher conversion rates, sales, and company profits.

SEO Marketing Benefits

SEO Lead Generation Benefits

SEO Rank Traffic

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