Important Online Metrics When Marketing Beauty Products

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It is easy for marketers to get distracted by top 30 rankings, PageRank, and daily visitor counts when marketing beauty products online. Though these metrics have value, they do not provide real indication of website performance. Marketers should focus on metrics that clearly indicate failure or success. These include the number and quality of backlinks, engagement of visitors, and conversion rates.

The recent update to the Google Penguin algorithm reveals the importance of quality for links pointing to a website. Marketers who are not aware of the links in their site backlink profiles could be suffering at the hands of search engines. A third-party SEO product is the best way to obtain a backlink profile. This report should be reviewed to identify links from disreputable sectors like pornography and gambling.

Backlinks should contain anchor text that sounds natural and uses varied wording including some “click here” links. Each link should not come from a site that was created solely for search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine algorithms are getting better at identifying these sites and can penalize a site that uses these as backlinks.

Visitor engagement is a measurement of the amount of time that visitors spend on the site and their perceived value of site content. Good visitor engagement is represented by a high figure for average time on the site or pages per visit. A bounce rate under 50 percent also indicates positive visitor engagement. Bounce rate measures the number of visitors who do not go beyond their landing page on the site. A high number of social media shares indicates that visitors find the content valuable enough to share with their social networks.

Marketers should ensure that they are receiving value for website efforts by tracking conversion rates relevant to the online goals of the business. A conversion rate is the ratio of website visitors who convert from website visits to desired actions like purchasing a product. Google Analytics is a suitable tool for establishing and tracking conversion rates for various goals.

By focusing on backlinks, visitor engagement, and conversion rates, marketers can assess whether they are successfully marketing beauty products via the Internet. If the company is falling short of its online marketing campaign goals, it may be time to call a consultant. With help from a consulting professional with experience in the beauty products sector, the company can improve results of its online marketing efforts.

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