How To Increase E-Commerce Sales And Conversion Rates

How To Increase E-Commerce Sales And Conversion Rates
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Businesses and entrepreneurs who operate e-commerce websites look for how to increase e-commerce sales and conversion rates, to become more profitable. As an online business, conversion is key to increase sales and profits.

An online business with it’s shopping cart and website, must make it easy for the consumer and site visitor to buy and shop. The goal is to make doing business with you as simple, effortless, and easy as possible. The shorter and easier the process, the better the results.

Tips To Increase E-Commerce Sales And Conversion Rates

Communicate well with the customers and website visitors.

In key areas of each page, allocate an area to communicate with the website visitor, giving them all the necessary actions they should take. Next step, communication is significant in conversion rates. Website should have well-established areas for instructions and information for the users.

Do not require users to sign-up and register with the website.

All e-commerce websites should allow users to buy as a guest without having to register and sign-up. For best results and increasing sales and conversion, users must be able to buy without being forced to register.

Offer customers free shipping incentive with a set dollar purchase.

Free shipping is the most popular motivation for 80% of US consumers. Online retailers can offer free shipping at a set dollar purchase such as $50 or $150 whatever makes sense for that specific retailer. Free shipping clearly gives an advantage.

Have short and simple checkout process for best results.

Most websites have a bounce rate of over 50%. This means every other person that starts a checkout process with the website, does not complete it. This is a big problem for small and large online retailers. To combat this issue, keep the checkout process short and simple.

Use landing pages for certain key products to increase sales.

Most people just create their website and get busy trying to generate sales. A website has to be continually improved upon. One way professional retailers do it is through the use of landing pages. Single pages created for the sale of a specific packaged deal, product set, with lots of SEO content and conversion tools incorporated.

Home page website design for e-commerce sites is critical to success.

It is not much of a secret, but yet many online retailers still have poorly designed home pages for their e-commerce websites. This hurts marketing efforts, online sales, and growth. Home pages have to be strategically and intelligently architected and designed. They have to be quality in design and setup for best results.

For online retailers that wish to improve their online sales and websites, professionals with proper experience can make a world of difference. Experts understand shopping cart solutions, hosting, content management systems, designs, and other technology and applications necessary to get the right results.

When working with a digital agency, a quality e-commerce website can be created with all the proper features, conversion tools, administration, and technology. Experts can create a custom website design with the proper technology and manage the entire process for their client, ensuring the right setup and solutions for success. This enables the business to stay focused on marketing and sales as well as general business operations.

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