Internet Business Consulting Tips for Topping Google Search Lists

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internet business consultantsTopping the all-powerful Google search engine results pages is the goal of most online businesses. Whether a company offers lawn or spa services or automotive or skin care products, ranking on the first page of relevant Google queries increases its visibility. It is much more difficult to get notices on Google these days and strategies seem to change every year. Follow these guidelines from Illumination Consulting Internet business consulting professionals to achieve an enviable top ranking.

Every notable achievement begins with a plan and getting to the top spot on Google search results is no different. Search engine optimization (SEO) may sound technical but it is all about marketing. Whether a business is small, large, or somewhere in the middle, marketers should have a basic understanding of SEO and a plan for content. A consulting professional can help with research, strategy development, and the implementation of metrics to track results.

Structuring a website into relevant and informative topics reflects the expertise and uniqueness of the business. Dividing the site into topic silos and cross linking to relevant topics make it easier for search engines and visitors to identify what the company does. Search engines will know which topics are relevant for ranking purposes, increasing the likelihood that the business will be found online.

Search engines are important but online efforts should intend to create a multifaceted digital footprint. Spread the focus to include partnerships, blogs, comments, social networks, outreach, and traditional marketing. Efforts should aim to increase visibility throughout the Web, resulting in additional organic traffic and improved position in search results. Taking advantage of offline approaches such as print media can have positive effects on online results.

With more people accessing the Web through smartphones and tablets, sites that do not offer mobile experiences will not receive much attention from Google. When designing a site for mobile devices, consider whether a mobile version or responsive Web design is best. During content development, research keywords that focus on the goals, needs, and purchasing cycles of consumers, not just search volume.

Create enough site content to provide valuable information to users in formats that are easily shared. Adding standard tags is a traditional SEO technique that is still effective. Title and meta tags are now joined by social tags and schema markups. Limiting the amount of internal and footer links prevents content from appearing spammy. Internet business consulting experts provide assistance with these and other tactics while building client brands online.

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