Online Marketing Consulting Tips: The Right Way to Craft Link Request Emails

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Link Request EmailsMost website owners recognize the importance of improving their search engine rankings and making their sites more popular and authoritative. Link building is one way to do this and it requires some help from other website owners. Email boxes fill up quickly so it is important to make link request emails stand out from junk mail, advertisements, and other emails that busy website owners receive throughout the day. Here are some online marketing consulting tips for crafting an effective link request email.

The subject line of the email should adhere to the rules provided on the site being contacted. Sites that feature collections of links typically provide directions to follow when requesting a link. Among these d is usually the requirement to include certain words in the subject line. Failing to follow this simple instruction may result in no response from the site editor and, even worse, no link.

When reviewing the site to find subject link instructions also look for the name of the site owner. Address the email to this person because this increases the chance of receiving some attention. Provide your name in the first sentence of the  email and include the name and the URL of your website as well as the name and URL of the site on which you are requesting a link. If your site features a splash page, provide an alternate URL that is more user-friendly.

Word the email in a professional manner but be courteous and get to the point quickly. Include a short paragraph describing your site and provide a suggested location for the link by including the URL of this Web page. This is particularly useful for administrators responsible for large sites that have hundreds to thousands of pages.

Include contact information so the recipient knows how to get in touch if questions or issues arise. Supply both a personal email address and a telephone number. If a return link is required, provide conformation that it has been added to the site and the URL at which the link can be found. This proactive step moves the relationship along to the stage where the recipient should take action.

Online marketing consulting experts agree on the importance of link building. By personalizing link request emails and including useful details, an entrepreneur sets his or her business apart from competitors. Recipients will be more likely to add the requested link to their sites, increasing the online exposure of the business.

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