Using Pinterest for Skin Care Ecommerce and SEO

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pinterest, social media, SEOSince its introduction in March 2010, the image-sharing social network called Pinterest has become one of the most popular social media platforms. Its user base has grown almost 44 percent in the past five months alone, with more than 70 million people pinning photographs, graphics, and videos on this platform. Pinterest is also a powerful revenue-generating tool for businesses and this power can be leveraged for skin care ecommerce and SEO purposes.

Recent studies indicate that referral traffic generated by Pinterest directly transforms into ecommerce conversions. Most other social medial platforms are unable to drive unassisted conversions. With them, attribution is relied upon to justify spending. Pinterest users are doing much more than pinning images. Many of them are purchasing products and they are doing this across industries.

Link building campaigns require developing relationships and Pinterest is excellent for this purpose. Skin care entrepreneurs can use it to find relevant blogs and individuals who are major influences in the skin care sector. By identifying relevant pins linked from websites, they discover sites that serve as potential linkers. Major influencers may not have pins from websites but their sites can be located through Twitter or Facebook.

Pinterest has impressive revenue potential that has not yet been tapped by most online retailers. Images have the power to exponentially increase sales. Experts predict that Pinterest will eventually move to a paid model that mirrors Google Product Listing Ads, which are experiencing the most online retail click growth. Retailers already have the ability to include availability and price details by using Rich Pins. Pinterest analytics now offer more information regarding user interaction with pins, helping retailers to identify product trends. Pinterest even provides consumers with alerts when product prices drop.

To maximize revenue potential through Pinterest, skin care retailers should use Rich Pins to pin all of their products. This will attract users who are ready to buy and it should increase visitor conversion rates. If the development resources are not available in-house, the professionals at Illumination Consulting can provide assistance with formatting.

Skin care retailers should use their Pinterest accounts to create value for consumers. While focusing on how Pinterest can benefit their skin care ecommerce and SEO efforts, they should avoid being overly promotional. Sharing other content such as images of related and even competing products can be beneficial. By harnessing the marketing power of Pinterest, skin care retailers can improve online performance and drive incremental revenue.

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