What Is Skin Care Business Consulting, Anyway?

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If you own a skin care company and are visiting our site, you must have interest in skin care business consulting. Though a search may have led you to Illumination Consulting, you may not have identified what your business needs. In fact, many skin care entrepreneurs do not understand the differences between consulting and advising. Learning about this allows them to determine whether we are a potential service provider.

Advising and consulting are sometimes used interchangeably to describe outsourced services to improve performance or solve problems. However, they are not exactly the same. Consulting is a process of uncovering specific problems and determining solutions. Advising is typically a relationship of a longer term. While advisors assist with uncovering problems, they usually direct clients to another resource for resolution.

A consulting relationship is typically short-lived and pertains to a specific issue, while advisors may be retained on an ongoing basis. Some companies create a business advisory board that regularly reviews the direction of the company and provides advice. Consulting firms use technology to create the desired results and advisors often help align the technology with the goals and processes of the business.

An advising relationship is not as independent as a true consulting relationship. The nature of consulting work is usually of a shorter term and the consultant has limited strategic involvement. Advisors may help clients improve processes and accountability within the business. The level of independence in these relationships has become important, particularly in the accounting and auditing sectors.

Services provided by Illumination Consulting can be considered both skin care business consulting and advising. Our experts focus on client problems and solutions but they also take a strategic focus, aligning technology and other solutions with business goals and helping to improve inter-organization accountability and regular business practices. However, the client retains decision-making authority.

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