Why YouTube Video Marketing Is Critical For Beauty Brands

Why YouTube Video Marketing Is Critical For Beauty Brands
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youtube-beauty-industryThe beauty and skin care industry is a fast growing market with lots of newer brands getting started over the last few years. It is a lucrative business, but also competitive. One of the most important social media channels for brands has been YouTube.

YouTube has been drastically changing the beauty industry landscape. Major brands have only generated around 3% of the almost 15 billion beauty and skin care related video views on YouTube. Only a few big brands have an effective YouTube marketing strategy or use videos in marketing campaigns.

Why YouTube Video Marketing Is Critical For Beauty Brands

Over the last couple years, beauty related videos have increased from around 300 million to 700 million views per month. This is a significant increase in beauty content being generated, published and watched on YouTube. Over 75 hours of new skin care and beauty content is uploaded daily to YouTube.

Skin care companies and beauty brands can be very effective with videos on YouTube. Smaller brands, start-ups and individuals consistently outperform bigger brands with videos on YouTube. Vloggers, which are basically video bloggers account for 97% of beauty related views on YouTube. This is significant because the content about beauty and skin care on YouTube is not controlled by the larger brands, but by individuals.


Strategies by larger brands do not work on YouTube. Beauty consumers watch videos not for commercials or ads, but for skin care tips, product reviews, customer reviews, how-tos, and so on. Content created for video has to be informative, helpful, and honest for best results with beauty consumers.

To benefit from the large YouTube beauty and skin care market, beauty brands should promote themselves on other channels that have larger followings through partnering with vloggers and other beauty and skin care channels on YouTube.

Partnering with content creators and product review channels is a smart way for brands with smaller or limited budgets to get more visibility and results.

Tutorials are the most popular beauty video category (getting 39 percent of all views), but only 32 percent of brand videos are tutorials. Skin care and beauty brands should invest into more tutorial related video content for skin care and beauty.

For best results, brands should work with experts and professionals to create and develop videos, optimize them, and properly manage the YouTube channels for the brand. Video marketing services are available with most digital agencies. Social Media Marketing (SMM) services assist brands with YouTube and social media as well. One last option for brands to get help is through marketing consulting services. Marketing Consultants can provide the necessary knowledge, details and help beauty brands avoid costly mistakes.


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