10 E-Commerce Tips From Online Retail Experts

10 E-Commerce Tips From Online Retail Experts
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Increasing online sales with e-commerce websites can be a challenging journey. To be successful with an e-commerce business, continual optimization of the website is most of the time necessary. Small adjustments and tweaks can make a significant difference.

From E-commerce experts to successful online retailers, get some of the best e-commerce advise here. We have collected 10 e-commerce tips from online retail experts such as top executives and CEOs of leading companies such as Intelligent Positioning, Alibaba.com, McAfee, AttaCat, and Illumination Consulting.

10 E-Commerce Tips From Online Retail Experts

1. Operate a properly created e-commerce website.

A business should make sure their e-commerce website looks and functions properly. A quality design speaks a thousand words. A business should make sure it chooses the right technology applications and infrastructure. The website must be Responsive Design for best results, with smart navigation, and easy to use checkout process.

2. Reduce shopping cart abandonment.

A business has to be proactive to reduce shopping cart abandonment on their website. It is an issue for most online retailers. Over 50% can be the average shopping cart abandonment rate. Any reduction can significantly improve the bottom line. Retailers should use recovery services and solutions to reach out to the consumers that did not finalize their shopping process.

3. Display product reviews and customer testimonials.

To increase online sales, a business should clearly display product reviews and customer testimonials on key website pages. Product reviews are a critical conversion tool for e-commerce websites and online retailers. Consumers love to read reviews and often it is the one thing that tips the scale over to a sale.

4. Offer guarantees to online shoppers.

An easy tip to increase sales online is to offer guarantees to website visitors and potential shoppers. A business can offer guarantees such as a well displayed return policy, which can quickly add trust to website shopper and motivate them to purchase products. Guarantees should be well displayed on shopping pages.

5. Marketing websites online is necessary.

A website must be marketed to be found online in search engines. This is especially important for e-commerce websites. Marketing a website online can involve techniques such as Search Engine Optimization SEO, Social Media Marketing SMM, Content Marketing, Paid Advertising, and methods. For best results, professional marketers utilize a combination of multiple marketing methods.

6. Eliminate extra needed “clicks”.

With every “click” that a website visitor and potential consumer has to make on a website, a business is risking to loose the visitor. Eliminating additional and extra needed “clicks” can drastically improve conversion rates and online sales. Enabling consumers to quickly get to what they are looking for is just good online business.

7. Incentives are expected online.

Consumers that go online to shop for products, look for deals and specials. Online shopping often has to do with convenience and the search for a better deal. To convert more website visitors into active shoppers, e-commerce websites should display well their incentives such as discounts, free shipping, and so on.

8. Utilize a company blog.

To drive visitors to a website can be a tough job, especially when marketing budgets are on a shoestring. One of the fastest and most cost effective methods to increase online sales is through a company blog. A professional created blog that is part of the e-commerce website, can increase web traffic and potential shoppers.

9. List phone number and contact information.

Even though it is an online business, consumers prefer to see a phone number well displayed on a website. When shopping online, consumers want to feel safe. Websites that list their phone number and contact information well tend to experience better online sales.

10. Search Engine Optimization for E-commerce

SEO is such a foreign service to so many online retailers and e-commerce website operators. Search Engine Optimization SEO does not have to be so foreign. 94 per cent of Google searches end in an organic click. Getting a website on the first page of Google is vital.

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