10 Website Home Page Elements Critical To Success

10 Website Home Page Elements Critical To Success
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There are several critical elements to success, website design should never miss to include. Any business that wants to generate more leads or sales online, has considered what they can improve to increase leads and sales.

In most cases, conversion rates can be improved for websites by applying changes and edits to the home page and creating proper landing pages. Lack of landing pages is often a cause of lower conversion rates as well as poorly structured and designed home pages.

There is really a simply solution. Have plenty of properly created landing pages to collect leads and sell products. Website home pages need to incorporate into design and features multiple objectives.

A home page of any website must deliver on multiple levels to its audience. Certain key elements that attract the traffic, inform visitors, educate, assist, and convert visitors into shoppers and leads. To help out with website home pages, here are 10 website home page elements critical to success.

10 Website Home Page Elements Critical To Success

1. Website Home Page Headline

Within a couple seconds, the top part of a home page and website needs to answer what the site does for the visitor and customer. What is the offer and benefit? Short and simple works the best.

2. Home Page Sub-Headline

This is a short description of what is offered, the services, solution, and products that will help the customer. Describe the value here and benefits in the top fold of the home page and website.

3. Home Page Call-to-Action

First Call-to-Action element should be above the fold, top right or left of a home page with proper incentives for conversion. A home page should have 2-3 CTA (Call to Action) elements.

4. Home Page SEO Text Copy

To have better chances at search marketing, the home page of a website must have enough and properly optimized text copy. Text must be about the offer and company, depending on keywords. Home pages without text copy have lower chances at search rankings.

5. Website Contact Information

Website visitors and online shoppers want to know they can reach someone if they wanted too. Trust is a big thing with online consumers and website visitors. Clear and well-placed contact information should be incorporated on all home pages.

6. Home Page Navigation

Successful website home pages have clear and simple navigation. Complex and confusing website navigation drastically lowers conversion rates. For best results, website navigation should be clear, simple, and well visible.

7. Home Page Functionality

Websites are developed with many technologies these days. Some are much better than others. The right technology such as Responsive Design will give a business the ability to have the proper home page functionality to reach the desired goals.

8. Quality Home Page Images

Poor and cheap tends to bring poor and cheap results. This is very evident with the use of images, graphics, design, and product photography. On home pages, to get the desired results quality images should be used only.

9. Resources on Home Pages

Blog entries, white papers, case studies, and other resource links should be incorporated on home pages for visitors, Most visitors look for resources and are not ready to buy right away.

10. Home page Statistics and Reports

To succeed with home pages and websites, the proper statistics and reports must be generated frequently. The first step is to incorporate these tools and embed them into the home page, then generate the correct reports, optimize, and improve conversion.

To ensure to have strong converting home pages and websites, brands and companies should work with experts and professional agencies. It is a wise investment in comparison to the return on investment (ROI). A well designed website and home page can drastically increase conversion rates, sales, and profits of a company.


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