5 Business Trends In 2017 To Gain Momentum

5 Business Trends In 2017 To Gain Momentum
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Each year, experts look at what will drive success for businesses. To gain momentum in business, companies often have to increase sales and market share. To get this accomplished, here are 5 business trends in 2017 to gain momentum.

Often, companies review their efforts at the end of the year to make improvements the following year. This trend is a common practice in the business world. It may have to do with accounting as well. Either way, reviewing what works and what does not is good business.

5 Business Trends In 2017 To Gain Momentum

1. Subject Experts
Nobody really wants to be sold the old traditional way. These days, consumers look for companies to be experts in their field. Subject experts will continue to be critical to gaining momentum. In 2017, the trend of brands providing expert resources and information to consumers will continue. Brands often receive help through content marketing services and marketing professionals.

2. Video Marketing
Video marketing will increasingly become an essential part of any marketing and sales efforts. This trend continues in 2017. More than 65% of consumers visit vendor’s websites after watching videos online. Video can provide great flexibility for brands. Companies to stay competitive must start investing into video marketing campaigns.

3. Revenue Models
This trend has already started, but will continue in 2017. Companies are changing their revenue models slowly. Recurring revenue models are begin adopted, shifting from single, up-front payments to recurring. Companies recognize the importance of recurring revenue models and their benefits.

4. Consumer Oriented
Consumer specific orientation will continue to be a trend in 2017. Generic message have much lower conversion rates. Companies are recognizing this. Consumers react much better to communication that is relative to them. Professionals and marketers focus now much more on these details to get better results.

5. Search Engine Optimization
SEO is not new at all as a trend. It continues to be one of the most important methods to get leads, potential customers, and website traffic. SEO has one of the highest returns on investment. SEO also has very high conversion rates. It generates extremely qualified leads too. In 2017, SEO will continue to be a cornerstone of marketing.

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