5 Free Ways To Get E-Commerce Websites Noticed Online

5 Free Ways To Get E-Commerce Websites Noticed Online
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Start-ups and small businesses have to bootstrap in the early stages of the business often to be able to make it. Companies and entrepreneurs look for ways that are free or cost effective to get their e-commerce websites noticed online.

Marketing online is a comprehensive approach. As a business multiple methods must be utilized to be effect and receive results. Several tactics work parallel to each other for best results.

To help out small business and start-ups, here are 5 free ways to get e-commerce websites noticed online. These are effective methods to marketing and advertise e-commerce websites online. if properly executed, sales can significantly increase.

5 Free Ways To Get E-Commerce Websites Noticed Online

1. Create, Publish, and Distribute Content

Small businesses and start-up companies can for free internally dedicate time to create, publish, and distribute unique and relevant content that is of quality. Content can be articles, press releases, videos, images, and blogging for example. A business can write and create with free tools videos and images branded by the business. This content can then be published for free on many social networks for distribution and to increase e-commerce sales.

2. Open Accounts with All Major Social Media Channels

When a company creates content, it should be shared across as many social media channels as possible. The distribution of content is critical to increase websites traffic and search engine rankings and online sales. Creating accounts is free on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Vimeo, Daily Motion, and many other. The expanded network feeds additional users to the e-commerce websites, increasing online sales.

3. Guest Writing For Free PR and Marketing Opportunities

Any business and start-up can write as a guest writer for major publications, industry websites, popular blogs and so on. A business and entrepreneurs should contact each opportunity and ask about guest writing. Once articles are published through these tactics, an e-commerce website and brand can receive a lot of attention for free. Articles of course have to be unique and of high quality.

4. HTML Newsletter Marketing Campaigns

Newsletter going via email to a database of customers and site visitors who signed up for the newsletter can quickly increase online sales. This method is often used during all major shopping holidays and is highly effective. A business can email to a list of email addresses a couple times a month a newsletter, announcing specials, deals, and other incentives along with relevant information for the users.

5. Form Strategic Alliances

Entrepreneurs and companies can form strategic alliances with other websites and businesses to increase online sales. This is often for free, because e-commerce operators use affiliate programs and similar tools. Forming a partnership with popular blogs and paying out a percentage for all referral business can increase online sales without having to pay for it upfront.

There are many more methods to marketing and advertise a business and e-commerce websites to increase online sales, without having to spend money. A business can always work temporarily with a marketing consultant through marketing consulting services to learn these tactics.

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