5 Popular Tactics To Improve Online Sales

5 Popular Tactics To Improve Online Sales
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Most retailers are not aware, especially when they get started that online nearly 60-80% of customers who click the “buy” button drop out without completing the purchase. Shopping cart abandonment is a challenge for any size retailer and industry. Here are 5 popular tactics to improve online sales and assist.

These tactics are the most popular methods that experts and professionals rely upon to improve shopping cart conversion rates and sales. To generate successfully online sales, retailers must optimize their shopping carts.

1. Offer Free Shipping
It is common now to see retailers offer free shipping, when customers buy over a certain amount. To improve online sales, offer free shipping frequently if not always. Customers find it more attractive to save $5-6 on shipping, then a $10 sales discount.

2. Use High Quality Photographs
Too often, retailers use lower quality or manufacturer pictures of products online. To improve online sales, photographs of products should be of high quality. For each product, retailers should have multiple photographs. This provides a stronger visual presentation to the consumer.

3. Improve Loading Time
Website pages that load slowly quickly annoy visitors and customers. These days, professionals know that every second counts. Loading time is a major contributor to shopping cart abandonment. Statistics show that after 3 seconds of loading time, over 40% of customers abandon the site. Improve the loading speed of all key pages.

4. Give Incentives
To improve online sales, retailers should frequently give incentives. Incentives such as discounts, specials, limited time offer deals, and so on can quickly motivate visitors to shop. Retailers should properly structure incentives and display them properly on the website and in marketing campaigns.

5. Simplify Checkout Process
Consumers do not like complex and lengthy checkouts. Online, the checkout process must be short, simple, and very user-friendly. It is during the checkout that most customers abandon their checkout. Therefore, it is important to make the checkout process as user-friendly as possible.

Companies that want professional help should hire experts that can improve online sales through their services such as Conversion Optimization or marketing consulting services to shed light on options.

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