5 Things To Note Before Changing A Website

5 Things To Note Before Changing A Website
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Websites have to be changed every so often. Some companies change their website every year, others every couple years, and so on. Smaller businesses may not change their website for several years. Technology gets out of date, applications do not work properly anymore, and Search Engine requirements are not met anymore with outdated websites.

Website Design as well can get out of style and out of date after a couple years. The style of how a website is designed and what is considered standard in the industry changes. Customers and online website visitors have expectations with websites. A business may also change their goals and objectives. In order to meet them, website have to be often adjusted. New goals and order of priorities often are the reason for changing a website.

5 Things to Note before Changing a Website

1. Know the Reasons for Changing the Website

A start-up, small business, and established organization should know the reasons for wanting to change a website. These reasons are objectives and what the company desires to achieve. It will allow the business to more appropriately track efforts.

2. Responsive Design Websites

Responsive Design has been talked about for a couple years now. Yet, many companies do not have a Responsive Design website. This is already not an option anymore. Search Engines and customers expect to see Responsive websites that work across all major devices such as smart phones, tablets, and computers.

3. Save and Backup All Data First

Regardless of what changes need to be made, all data should be saved and backed-up. This means the entire website should be backed-up in case, it is needed. A business should backup the blog (if part of a website), website CMS (such as WordPress), all images, videos etc. All website files should be backed-up.

4. Minimize Website URL Changes

For a new website this is of course not an issue, but for any other website that has been live already online, minimizing website URL changes is important. Search engines such as Google could have already indexed certain website pages. This means, they have organic search engine results and show for specific keywords online.

5. Place Call to Action elements Properly

So many businesses do not have proper Call to Action elements placed throughout the website. The home page, header, footer, and certain frames have to be utilized appropriately to convert website visitors into leads and customers. These areas have to be used correctly with quality design and incentives for best results.

If a business is not sure how to go about the appropriate change to a website, professional help can always be obtained. A company or entrepreneur can hire temporarily through consulting services an expert to advice, help, and even manage the website change.

Technology consultants and website design experts can consult a business and help outline all required changes for the desired results and objects that are necessary. Discuss the time required to achieve the changes, cost, and skill. Consulting services are a way to get the details and understanding prior to making any major financial commitments to website changes or a new website.


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