7 Reasons Why E-Commerce Websites Experience A Drop In Sales

7 Reasons Why E-Commerce Websites Experience A Drop In Sales
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A business and e-commerce website owners do not like to see their online sales drop and decline. At times, this is due to more organic reasons such as tax season, spring break, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and so on. Major times during the year that influence online shopping. At times, it is less the external condition, but more the business and website itself.

There are many reasons why e-commerce websites loose sales and decline with sales. Here are the top 7 reasons why e-commerce websites experience a drop in sales. To avoid a decline in sales, businesses and e-commerce website owners should pay attention to these 7 reasons.

7 Reasons Why E-Commerce Websites Experience A Drop In Sales

1. Website Design is Outdated

One of the main reasons companies and business owners are loosing online sales is due to their website. Outdated websites quickly start loosing online sales. All e-commerce websites must be Responsive Design now, which is HTML5 and CSS3 (mobile-friendly. Website design should be appropriate for the target audience and professional for best results.

2. Lack of Customer-Centric Content

Lack of customer-centric content, which is content consumers find informative, helpful, relevant, and of quality is one of the main causes for e-commerce websites to start loosing online sales. Business blogging should be frequent and proper, including the publishing of videos and images to help. Providing helpful content to the customer through social channels, blogs, and so on.

3. Slow Loading Times

Websites that take too long quickly loose sales. Often websites become out of date and start to work less properly. Other times, it could be issues with the hosting company. Nevertheless, slow loading times cause e-commerce websites to loose potential sales and customers. Loading times can be tested online (often for free) and improved often by changing image sizes, design, software, and other elements to improve the speed of pages loading.

4. Poor Customer Service

This is not a reflection on someone’s character, but poor customer service causes loss of sales. This is also true online. If a customer experiences poor customer service or perceives to have a poor experience, sales can decline with e-commerce websites. Listing clearly on all pages a phone number, email address, chat feature, and following up with customers is a good way to ensure proper customer service.

5. Not Paying Attention to the Competition

E-commerce website owners and businesses should always pay attention to the competition. Consumers are certainly, so must the vendors and brands. As a brand online, a business must pay attention to their competitors online to price products accordingly, offer right incentives, and specials. Not knowing the competition can cause sales to decline online.

6. Same Old Product Offering

Consumers can get bored. Even when buying an amazing product. After a while, everyone get’s bored. As a business and e-commerce website operator, staleness is something to be avoided. When consumers plateau and sales become stale, it is time to shuffle things up. A business can offer bundled products, offer packaged deals, give incentives, introduce a new product, and such tactics to not be seen as boring or just the same old.

7. No Proactive Growth Efforts

For e-commerce businesses that do not proactively grow, online sales can plateau quickly. To keep sales study and growing, e-commerce websites must have proper marketing and advertising campaigns to continue growing their website traffic, optimize site visitors to shop, and retain customers through honest and good customer relations.

For business and e-commerce websites that experience slower online sales, working with professional consultants can be very helpful. Consulting services enable a business to get help and a better understanding prior to making a significant investment. Also, Conversion Optimization services improve online sales and conversion rates. There is lots of professional help available to increase online sales and stop the decline of them.

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