The Art Of Retailing Skin Care Products

The Art Of Retailing Skin Care Products
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Skin care and beauty shoppers have more control over what to purchase and where to buy it from than ever before. Skin care brands have to not just grab the attention of skin care consumers and shoppers, but also keep it. Retailing skin care products these days is a comprehensive approach.

The art of retailing skin care products involves being flexible as a brand and knowing how the consumer market is evolving. Selling skin care products can be a very lucrative business, but it is also very competitive.

Regardless of desired geographical market, skin care brands that wish to sell their products through retail chains and stores should learn the proper process for best results and chances. Here are some tips and details for retailing beauty products.

Retailing Skin Care Products

What is required to retail skin care products and how to go about it? This is a question many skin care start-ups, entrepreneurs and smaller brands ask themselves. In order to start the process of retailing, brands must first have a couple things ready.

Skin Care Products

For a retailer to consider a brand or new skin care products to be placed on the store shelves, store and retail buyers want to try the product and experience it first. Brands must be ready to send out their products to store buyers, if they want to be considered. Store buyers want to try the products for quality of formulations, feel, touch, and smell of them. Furthermore, store buyers also want to see the packaging. Beauty products have to include attractive packaging to be considered.

Sales Sheets

Store buyers for personal care products such as beauty and skin care will expect to receive with the products Sales Sheets. Sales Sheets are usually 8×11, double sided and in color. The stock of the paper should be of better quality for best results. The Sales Sheets give the retail buyers all the necessary information on the product. One Sales Sheet per product is the standard. The information should include a detailed description of the product, ingredients, and image.

Price Breakdown

Store buyers that receive skin care products to potentially sell them through their retail locations expect to see the pricing breakdown. A price-spread sheet is send along with the products. These price breakdowns involve listing all the SKUs with their suggest retail price, wholesale price, and any other financial information relevant to the sale of the products.

Brands that wish to sell skin care products through retail must contact these retail companies, ask for the personal care buyers, contact them and submit their products, sales sheets, and pricing for review.

Buyers will most likely look-up the skin care brand online to learn more about the brand. This is why having a professional skin care website is key to success. The book is still judged by the cover, so to say. The branding is a key element to successful retailing of skin care products. Buyers will review the packaging, branding, formulations, price, and marketing efforts of the brand.

For retailers to take a chance with beauty brands, they will expect to see a certain level of effort by the brand. What does this mean? It means that brands that want to successfully sell their products through retailers must saturate the Internet as well as traditional media such as Magazines with their brand. Marketing, advertising, and public relations tend to be the most common methods to become visible and have better chances with retailers. Specific services that are most common are Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Paid Advertising.

Brands that wish to be more effective with retailing skin care products can always get help through skin care business consulting services and working with a consultant. Consultants have existing relationships and can usually help brand speedup the distribution and sales process as well as increase chances of success.

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