Cheap Websites Vs. Quality Websites – What’s The Difference?

Cheap Websites Vs. Quality Websites – What’s The Difference?
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These days it is almost impossible to be on the major social networks such as Facebook without seeing ads for websites. Especially, the do it yourself website solutions. In addition, you probably receive multiple spam emails about cheap website design and development. So, what is the difference between cheap websites vs. quality websites that are more expansive?

One of the main questions frequently asked is why should we spend thousands of dollars for a “quality” website, when they are so many offers for much cheaper website solutions? The difference is quality!

Quality can mean something different for many people, but in regards to websites it means only one thing. A quality website is professionally designed and developed by designers and programmers who know what they are doing. Why is this so important? Well, a quality websites is carefully planned, in detail designed, properly setup and configured, optimized for Search Engine Optimization, with plenty of conversion tools and call to action elements.

Cheap Websites Vs. Quality Websites – What’s The Difference?

A quality website created properly by professionals in most cases will perform much better and produce more results. Professionals know what works and what does not. They have further information about industries and consumer or customer expectations. Much goes into the development of a website, when properly done.

A cheap website can be sufficient enough in certain situations. For example, a doctor who just wants his patience to be able to order some skin care products, but does not plan on marketing the website or increasing sales nationwide or worldwide, can get a simple and cheap website.

Any company and business that is planning to market a website and counts on receiving leads and orders should carefully review website design options. Cheap website solutions often produce cheap results. Professionally created and developed website often are much more results oriented.

5 Key Elements to Consider with Website Design

1. Website Content

Website content should be uniquely written with quality and relative to the business and customers. This includes proper tone of language, wording, specifics given, and without spelling errors or bad grammar. No duplicate content should be found on a website and the content should be strategically placed across the appropriate pages of the website.

2. Website Design

The design of a website does not always talk about graphic design or images, but rather the layout, key details, template, applications used and much more that is critical to the success of a website. Website design is a much more comprehensive discussion than just images. It is the overall quality of the website, which is critical to the success for many industries. E-commerce websites suffer the most with lack of quality website design. Consumers do not trust websites that look unprofessional.

3. Call to Action Elements

Call to action elements are graphical elements with key text and pitches to promote and trigger a response from the website visitor. Call to action elements are created and strategically placed throughout the website to collect leads, make a sale, get a sign-up and so on. They are critical to the success of a website. Lack of “call to action” elements produces a lack of results.

4. Search Engine Optimized

Websites that are not optimized for search engines perform less good than websites that are optimized. It is very important to optimize all key pages if not all pages of a website for search engines. The proper title tags, meta descriptions, and keywords should be used across the entire website for best results. This significantly improves the performance of a website and marketing campaigns.

5. Website Functionality

The more functionality is incorporated into a website, the more can be done with it. These days with WordPress websites and plugins, a business and website owners can quickly install additional functionality to their existing website. Website functionality is important to the success of a website. Often poor performing sites lack function and do not offer viewers or the owners the proper tools.

To make sure a business has a website that will serve the purpose, have them professionally designed and developed. Experts can drastically change the results of a website. This is especially important to any company that is spending money on marketing or e-commerce websites. Professional website designers with plenty of experience can create a website for a business that can be highly effective and beneficial.


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