Guerrilla Marketing Is A Well-Kept Small Business Start Up Consulting Secret

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guerilla marketing exampleConsultants must have specialized skills and experience to service small start up companies. Guerilla marketing is one of the most effective tools used by small business start up consulting firms. Until now, it has been a well-kept secret. However, more small business owners are learning how to effectively promote their companies with minimal time and expense, thanks to firms like Illumination Consulting.

Advertising in the traditional manner can be very expensive. Small start ups have little money to spare but they must increase their visibility in order to grow. Guerrilla marketing was introduced by Jay Conrad Levinson in 1984. It focuses on spending time and energy to promote a business using free or low cost methods rather than spending money on traditional advertising campaigns. Consultants can help start up entrepreneurs find creative and affordable ways to promote their businesses.

Start up businesses have access to various guerrilla marketing techniques. Entrepreneurs should try different methods to identify the ideal combination of promotional activities. Some find success with article marketing, where they create and publish articles in online directories for reprint by others. The entrepreneur develops a reputation as an expert on a particular topic and readers receive a link to the company website in the author bio section.

Blogging has also proven to be an effective guerrilla marketing technique for a start up business. By sharing information, advice, and tips with a target audience, entrepreneurs establish themselves and their businesses as subject matter experts. Some entrepreneurs extend this practice by participating in forums, including links to their company websites in their signature lines so consumers can learn more about the topic being discussed.

Distributing flyers is a tried and true guerrilla advertising technique and can be done virtually or in person. By developing professional networks through meetings of professional organizations, Chambers of Commerce, and other groups, start up entrepreneurs have potential partners for coupon exchanges, public speaking opportunities, and other methods of increasing business visibility. Membership in Master Mind groups offers an opportunity to brainstorm with other entrepreneurs for mutual benefit.

Social networking has become one of the most popular guerrilla marketing techniques recommended by firms specializing in small business start up consulting. Entrepreneurs pay nothing to join Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn networks that provide access to millions of consumers. By maintaining a presence on these social networking sites, start up business owners will increase their visibility with target audiences.

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