Profit from the Power of Real-Time Skin Care Marketing

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increase profitsReacting in real-time to major events has become an effective marketing tool. According to a new report from eMarketer, more than 72 percent of businesses believe that real-time marketing is effective for both a company and its brand. Oreo is a prime example of the power of real-time marketing, as its single tweet during the 2013 “big game” blackout created quite a buzz. Businesses trying to increase their skin care marketing activities should tap into what is happening in the world.

Major occurrences do not announce themselves and tend to be fleeting so a timely reaction is necessary. By capitalizing on and becoming part of these events, a business can increase its impact on target audiences. Real-time marketing has a major effect that is very positive, according to a February 2012 Golin-Harris survey. More marketers are noticing the potential that real-time marketing holds and are making use of the many digital tools available.

Real-time campaigns cause 46 percent of consumers to become more interested in a brand, per the eMarketer survey. After exposure to this type of campaign, a consumer is also more likely to consider a brand or specific product or make a recommendation. While only 23 percent of people surveyed said they would purchase a product prior to being exposed to real-time marketing, 37 percent said they would try or buy the item after seeing this marketing.

Various technology tools enable businesses to quickly create microsites, produce videos, or generate Photoshop compositions to post on Facebook, tweet about, or link to from Pinterest. With a creative approach that promotes real-time response, any business can increase its exposure. If talent is not available in-house, a consulting firm with industry specialization is available.

Opportunities to promote skin care products through societal events come along more often than most people think. Spring and summer are the perfect seasons to promote the importance of proper skin care. Each time a news article is published about the risk of skin cancer, a business can tweet or make a Facebook post about the ability of its products to fight harmful effects of the sun.

People always want to look their best and season finales of their favorite reality fashion shows are the perfect times to advertise. Skin care marketing campaigns should include how-to videos that congratulate the victors and tell consumers how to get the same look. Real-time marketing opportunities like these are priceless.

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