Use Branded Pages for Social Skin Care Marketing Success

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facebook brand pagesSocial media is the ideal marketing channel for skin care businesses with big aspirations and limited budgets. Skin care marketing dollars go a long way when advertising online especially when marketing campaigns include a social media presence. According to a recent survey, most businesses create branded pages when using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. This costs nothing to do and requires minimal ongoing maintenance.

Money is tight for many small skin care businesses particularly those that are just starting. Fortunately, the major social media accounts are free to use. Marketers can created branded pages in-house or use the services of a professional online marketing consultant such as Illumination Consulting. Keeping account information current and posting messages regularly are essential for developing a strong social media presence.

According to Lab42, a social media marketing research firm, half of all Facebook users find branded pages on social media channels more useful than the company website is. Consumers are more likely to follow or “like” a branded page to develop a connection with the brand and receive special offers that encourage their patronage. Online branding should mirror efforts used in print and other forms of advertising.

Many businesses have created separate pages for each of their products, creating a distinct social media presence for each one. Those with larger budgets have also purchased paid advertising space on multiple social media platforms. Some have even developed branded apps that tie into their social media accounts and websites. All of these efforts are increasing estimated 2013 spending for social media advertising to $4.2 billion, which is jump of more than 31 percent from 2012.

Branding efforts on social media include much more than using targeted display ads. The majority of companies are creating engaging content that includes multiple forms of advertising. Ads are developed with a specific audience in mind and tested with members of that group. Though this information was revealed to eMarketer by advertisers who spend $100,000 or more on social media, there is no reason that small skin care companies cannot follow the same no-cost approach.

Expanding skin care marketing efforts to include Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media platforms is a smart move. Hundreds of millions of consumers around the world use social media every day. What other form of advertising will reach then 24/7 without costing a penny? Let us help your business brand itself in the social media world.


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