The Challenge

Based out of San Diego, California, University Compounding Pharmacy has successfully built a reputation for developing some of the world’s most highly regarded pharmaceutical products.

With their dedication to quality and service, UCP decided to grow their own natural and cosmeuctial skin care brand and company. With UCP’s vast background in medical grade and natural skin care, they were the right to be behind a new quality skin care brand.

Operating one of the leading pharmacy in the US, it leaves very little time to allocate to a new venture. UCP needed to formulate over a 12 new products skin care and cosmeceutical products, packaging, logo and branding, website, ecommerce, marketing, etc. The tasks made a long list and the details were not clear.

The Solution

Skin Care Business Consulting: We brought our long lasting experience within the skin care industry to BioRenew Skincare guiding executives of UCP through the myriad of details and steps of forming this new skin care brand and company. Along the whole project-cycle, Illumination consultant guided BioRenew to ensure success.

Business Start-up Consulting: Since BioRewnew Skincare was a new company and brand, business start-up consulting services were attained to receive proper guidance and consulting to ensure the right steps were taken as BioRenew Skincare was taking shape.

Internet Business Consulting: Due to the importance of the Internet in relationship to the skin care industry, Internet business consulting services were also attained for BioRenew Skincare. These consulting services guaranteed BioRenew Skincare website and ecommerce were build on leading technology solutions for the skin care industry.

Product Design: Product quality is the corner stone of any skin care investment and business. We at Illumination Consulting though our partners and lab worked with the BioRenew team to decide upon a product line, formulate, name, and design and create primary product packaging as well as secondary. The results a professional, very elagant, and beautiful product line, packaging, and quality formulations.

Website Design & Development: Skin care industry is very visually driven and of course about beauty and health. Website design is extremely important for the skin care industry especially if ecommerce is deployed and utilized. BioRenew Skincare launched a state-of-the art skin care ecommerce website that is build for results and product sales.

Marketing Services: The skin care industry is highly competitive. Especially the natural skin care industry and the even smaller niche skin care market and much newer cosmeceutical industry. BioRenew’s marketing campaigns are managed by experienced skin care industry marketers Illumination Consulting. Search engine optimization, social media marketing, paid advertising, and other marketing services were deployed to manage BioRenew Skincare’s growth successfully.

The Benefit

BioRenew Skincare was launched from initial contact of Illumination Consulting by UCP to fully operational business in less then 6 months. BioRenew Skincare is positioned to be a world-class, quality driven, and leading natural skin care and cosmeceutical skin care company. Launched with just over 12 quality products starting out, BioRenew is positioned to become a leader in the skincare industry in less then six months including product formulation and packaging. A cutting-edge ecommerce website fully optimized for product sales. Marketing campaigns proven to convert in the skin care industry managed by a leading skin care marketing agency were deployed ensuring future successful growth of BioRenew Skincare.

The Results

BioRenew Skincare product line has received outstanding reviews by customers, peers, and the skin care community. The entrance of this new company BioRenew Skincare has certainly made news. With beautiful packaging and a full product line, BioRenew is already receiving consistent orders online with customers purchasing multiple products and using BioRenew for their skin care regiment. BioRenew Skincare is rising quickly to the top of the ranks in search engines, growing their social networks, product sales, and brand recognition.

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