The Challenge

Based out of Los Angeles, California, Vivoderm Laboratories has been successfully developing herbal and natural skin care products for patience through a dermatologist office and practice.

A dermatologist based vision of a skin care line and herbal family ingredients, drove a few doctors and one partnership to create a new skin care product line, brand, and establish operation.

Being busy medical professionals, Vivoderm relied on one team to execute all necessary tasks to create a brand, products, and establish strong visibility online to sell and gain market share in the beauty industry.

The Solution

Skin Care Business Consulting: Skin care executives were provided consulting services and Illumination worked one on one with the Vivoderm team to ensure all details are properly managed and addressed successfully. Skin care consulting services enabled Vivoderm investors to gain a much faster understanding of the skin care industry, requirements and competition.

Business Start-up Consulting: Illumination consulted Vivoderm in the process of starting the new skin care venture. Illumination guided Vivoderm through the myriad of steps and actions necessary to succeed as a start-up in the skin care industry. Startup consulting services enabled Vivoderm to stay focused and ensure certain pitfalls are avoided.

Internet Business Consulting: Vivoderm was provided with Internet consulting services guiding them in implementing and deploying all the right technology software applications, server environment, and solutions for the skin care industry and Internet.

Product Design: Vivoderm’s dermatologists brought extended skin care knowledge to the product formulations. Herbal and natural formulations, proven and tested over 40 years, resulted in a full herbal and natural skin care product line. Quality and market unique formulations, beautiful packaging and consumer oriented skin solutions were developed. 

Website Design & Development: The new skin care brand Vivoderm got a new website. A new e-commerce, custom designed website was developed and launched for the skin care industry. Optimization tools with social media marketing embedded throughout the website. Including, search engine optimized design and development for better search engine rankings. 

Search Engine Optimization: Launched a large search engine optimization campaign centered around the most important keywords and keyword phrases. Keywords for the SEO campaign were set to focused on the main ingredients, products, and skin care company itself. A bi-monthly report illustrating the movement of rankings for all keywords used in the SEO campaign is provided.

Paid Advertising: We started Vivoderm out with a strong paid search advertising campaign and also media buys to enhance their website’s visibility while the SEO campaign gained ground to show results. Pay Per Click (PPC) is a very effective marketing strategy with ecommerce engines and conversion rates. Vivoderm became visible on the Internet over-night due to the paid advertising campaigns.

Social Media Marketing: We devised a strategy to effectively implement a strong social media marketing campaign utilizing the top 10 social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.  Social media pages were optimized, managed and populated with Vivoderm’s product line, offers, promotions and company message.

Blog Marketing: To further promote Vivoderm’s products and brand in the herbal and natural skin care industry, we developed and launched several content management system (CMS) driven skin care blogs with keyword rich domains and search engine optimization (SEO) for specific skin care keywords.

The Benefit

The Vivoderm projects were a success in several aspects. As a result of the diversity of the approach, the different services provided by Illumination Consulting, Vivoderm in less then 2 years saturated the skin care industry with their name and brand raising interests from several groups. Vivoderm benefits are resulting in a fast growing brand that already has taken lead in the herbal skin care market and is gaining in the natural skin care industry. The benefit, Vivoderm is well positioned to lead the natural skin care industry with quality driven, health oriented, and natural skin care products.

The Results

Working with Illumination Consulting resulted in Vivoderm being established as a brand leader in the herbal and natural skin care industry. Paul Mitchel amongst other leading industry icons and celebrities have taken notice of Vivoderm and are now proud partners, customers, and resellers of Vivoderm herbal and natural skin care products.

Vivoderm has now a fully established professionally designed herbal and natural skin care product line. With a leading image and brand, Vivoderm is well positioned to succeed. A custom state-of-the art e-commerce website produces consistent sales, repeat business, multiple product sales, and gives the Vivoderm team full control. All marketing campaigns have yielded fast and strong results rewarding Vivoderm already with number one rankings in Google for their main keywords and skin care company. Vivoderm’s social media marketing campaigns, fleet of professional skin care blogs, and pr have already captivated large audiences and Vivoderm has received outstanding reviews.

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