E-Commerce Design Tips That Increase Conversion Rates And Online Sales

E-Commerce Design Tips That Increase Conversion Rates And Online Sales
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It is critical for an e-commerce website to direct site visitors and customers to the products being sold, as well as produce sales. In order to accomplish this successfully, an e-commerce website has to be designed and developed a certain way. Here are e-commerce design tips that increase conversion rates and online sales.

The home page of an e-commerce website, the online store pages, and the checkout process are most important for producing sales online. Companies and entrepreneurs that want to increase conversion rates and online sales, have to focus on those areas and optimize them.

Conversion Optimization services are often used to identify all the areas of an existing website that can be improved to produce more sales. New website design and development projects should be professionally managed for best results.

E-commerce websites must be Responsive now.

Since last year, Google has made drastic changes to their search engine. One of the most significant is the requirement of websites to be Responsive now for mobile use. Responsive Design means that a website is developed in HTML5 and CSS3 and works across all major devices such as smart phones, tablets, and computers.

Publishing product and customer reviews.

So many e-commerce websites still do not publish or ask for customer and product reviews. There is a lot of statistics available of how important product reviews and customer testimonials are to online shopping. It is a major factor in the decision making of consumers.

Use only high quality images online.

Consumers do not necessarily have the ability to feel and touch the products. This means, online retailers have only their product descriptions, incentives, and images to sell. The images are critical and often products are not professionally photographed, which hurts sales. Use only high quality product photos and multiple shots per item for best results.

Creating videos to sell products online.

Videos are the fastest growing method to increase online sales. Consumers love to watch instructional videos, informational, testimonials, reviews, and so on. Videos don’t just sell products, but also support most online marketing campaigns such as SEO, Social Media, and Content Marketing.

Use only simple and easy checkout applications.

Here is a tough one. Most retailers and businesses don’t know enough about store development and application choices. It is important to use a shop application software that has a simple and easy consumer checkout process. They have to be properly designed and setup for best results.

Offer customer service options for better service.

Even though it is an online store and a website business, consumers want to feel and know that there are real people behind the operation. For best results, retailers should always list a toll free number highly visible on top of each page, including an email address for customer service and live chat feature if possible. Contact options add trust; added trust produces more likely sales.

For companies that want to improve their website operations and online sales, professionals can be hired for the job. The service often used for the improvement of websites is called Conversion Optimization. It is highly beneficial to websites that want to produce better results.

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