Practices For E-Commerce Product Pages To Increase Sales

Practices For E-Commerce Product Pages To Increase Sales
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E-commerce websites have to be designed and developed in certain ways to produce sales. Several areas of an e-commerce website are critical to conversion and sales efforts. One often overlooked such area are the product pages. To assist online retailers, here are 7 best practices for e-commerce product pages to increase sales.

Practices for E-Commerce Product Pages to Increase Sales

1. Multiple and Large Quality Photographs
Images speak a thousand words, a common saying and very true with e-commerce websites. The consumer can’t touch and feel the products. Online retailers that want to increase online sales must use multiple photos for each product. They should be from different angles and large close-ups. All photographs should be professional and of quality for best results.

2. Clear to See Call to Action
Regardless of how the call to action is written ‘buy now’ or ‘add to cart’ or any other variation, it must be clearly visible to convert well. The product image is the focal point, the very next should be the call to action. Product pages should have clear to see call to action buttons. Contrasting color can often be used to make them stand out more.

3. Use Product and Review Videos
Videos can increase sales by 30% when done right. Even large companies such as Zappos experienced significant sales increase, when they started using videos. Online retailers should provide product videos for shoppers as well as videos of customer reviews if possible. Some e-commerce websites that use videos have their site visitors click on the add to cart button by over 140%. Videos make a critical impact on sales.

4. Display Clearly Trust Badges
Trust is a big factor for online shoppers. E-commerce product pages should display all the relevant information that an online consumers would expect and often demands. To increase the trust factor, online retailers must display clearly trust badges on all product pages. Trust badges can range from BBB to McAfee Secure, or other security and certifications.

5. Show Customer Reviews
Some websites are not developed for it, while other websites have this function turned off. Many e-commerce websites do not show customer reviews for each product and this hurts sales. To increase sales companies must give customers incentives to write reviews. Product and customer reviews are often the key decision making factor with online shoppers.

6. Write Custom Product Descriptions
Product descriptions are important for multiple reasons. They are a key component of online marketing efforts, conversion tool, and part of customer service. Companies that resell products should never use the manufacturers product descriptions. For best results, a business should write custom product descriptions for each product with Search Engine Optimization in mind to achieve better search engine rankings results.

7. Provide Live Chat Feature
Even though it is an online business, customers still want to be able to ask questions. While email and a toll free number are great, it has been proven that live chat increases sales. Companies that provide a live chat option on their product pages will certainly experience positive results with customers and online shoppers.

These 7 best practices for e-commerce product pages to increase sales are a great start. Companies that are not sure how to go about optimizing their landing pages and improving online sales can always work with experts. Professional experts can redesign or improve existing product pages for companies and online retailers. All improvements made can yield long-term financial benefits. Therefore, it is a good investment for retailers to improve their product pages, conversion rates, and online sales.

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