Website Design Architecture Tips For Better Results

Website Design Architecture Tips For Better Results
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For over 12 years we have been reviewing websites for architecture and design. It it is very common to come across websites that companies and entrepreneurs are proud to have. They are often beautiful, cool, unique, but do they convert and serve their purpose properly?

When a business decides to focus on the actual results, often these websites must undergo adjustments and optimization to yield better results. This process is often referred too as Conversion Optimization.

In this article, we will provide some website design architecture tips for better results in SEO and website design. The main focus is the design and code of a website, which has strong influence on results as well as content and architecture.

Clean Up the Code

The website code must be as clean as possible for spiders to crawl quickly through it. The more streamlined the code is the better the results. The website should be designed and developed in HTML5 and CSS3, which is the latest standard. Websites should also externalize the code for loading and crawling purposes. Externalizing CSS and JavaScript reduces page sizes. This reduces the file size of what your browser needs to load. This is very important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Companies and entrepreneurs should test websites through validation solutions to check the website health and for errors.

Content and Architecture

Create user-friendly and smart site navigation. Site users should easily find what they are looking for and find the navigation helpful. Navigation communicates with site users and search engines. Navigation must also be created with search engines in mind, easily crawl-able in related topics grouped properly. The website design should incorporate all the needed elements in an attractive way. It should create the right space for the needed content and display it to achieve the desired results. Each page can have call to action elements to increase conversion.

Companies that are not sure how to go about improving their website can always get help by professionals who specialize in this. As mentioned before, the service is often called Conversion Optimization. If a new website is needed, an experienced team should have no problem creating and developing a Responsive Design website for any size business and industry.

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