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All our business services offered start with a free consultation!

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Welcome to Illumination Consulting!

Illumination Consulting logo3d 150x150 HomeTo achieve the desired outcome, we plan, structure, and execute through consulting services, marketing campaigns, design and technology services. Whether a start-up or existing establishment, we can provide assistance. Our consulting services aid customers to have a go at a greater return on investment. Consultants can create measurable business value. We assist clients with a combination of consulting services, to marketing services, design and technology services.

Our consulting services help clients make better decisions and avoid costly pitfalls. Measureable and results oriented marketing services to grow, design and technology services for competitiveness and efficiency. Contact us today to talk to a consultant, marketing expert, or technology advisor. We support individuals, small business, and more established organizations. To find out how we can help, contact us for a free consultation.

Our Services:

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    Consulting Services

    To start a business, manage a business better, or make changes to an operation, our consulting services support clients to make better decisions, save money, and be more efficient.
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    Marketing Services

    Our marketing services are results oriented and tailored to meet client’s objectives. Combination of marketing campaigns are created, executed, and managed.
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    Design & Technology

    Quality and detailed oriented design services, with leading technology applications to support clients with programming services and solutions.

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Latest Projects

We have had the privilege of working with some of the larger names in business as well as many exciting entrepreneurial and start-up companies. No matter what size the client, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality work and the greatest possible return on investment.

  • Manuka Honey USA Website

    Storefronts eCommerce Website Design

    1df07d4032e3ce86909b76da19c8ca0c ManukaHoneyUSA thumb 263 200 c Home
  • Stone Image, Inc. Website

    Website Design

    be87791ed13f292cbf300d8e75712cac stoneimage thumb 263 200 c Home
  • Flooring Empire Website

    Website Design

    5736f0eb482c57bf7027b43dead67b3f Flooring Empire thumb 263 200 c Home
  • Douglas Brinkley Website

    Website Design

    c67e90a4a9fed86bae7f7db3aba73cec douglas brinkley website 263 200 c Home
  • Vital3Derm Packaging Design

    Product Packaging Skin Care Design

    49627d8fd90b4533130dd29256512097 Vital3Derm packaging 263 200 c Home
  • Flooring Empire Logo

    Graphic Design Logos & Branding

    7e73f46371e1502cd98bfbf3d489dc2c FlooringEmpire logo 263 200 c Home
  • GaiaEarthStar Online Shop

    0c6d8c1c4f6b2d2206402e687ce006d0 gaia website 263 200 c Home
  • Vital3Derm Logo

    Logos & Branding Skin Care Design

    e9212caf3bc1f9cfa76586420fa14f74 Vital3Derm logo 263 200 c Home
  • Judy Rubio Logo

    Logos & Branding

    26754d5b320aa8b81e912e5198350154 Judy Card 263 200 c Home
  • DSP Skincare Website

    Skin Care Design Website Design

    5052b76538a07c8eb11f8e8a23859772 DSP Skincare page thumb 263 200 c Home
  • Tilth Beauty Packaging

    Product Packaging Skin Care Design

    fe73235ade679706286850a54d88e2e3 TilthBeautyPackaging 263 200 c Home
  • Business Card Design – Aerobyte

    Graphic Design Logos & Branding

    ee8208cf74c1e78f9c53795a9daa40eb graphic design hannib aerobyte business cards 263 200 c Home


Why choose us

Creative Design

Quality and detailed design concepts produce desired results and meet objectives.

Digital Marketing

From strategy to execution, marketing campaigns that yield a return on investment.


We support clients in several languages, countries, and international markets.


Websites with business sound architecture, leading technology applications, and custom design.


Detailed customization for digital media such as website projects, design and development.

What Our Clients Say

  • 608104acbaab06f647fad3c204c9a05d Voda mini logo 77 77 c Home
    Crystal Evans
    Voda Cosmetics
    We specifically looked for a firm that had experience in the beauty industry and got lucky. We found Illumination Consulting, which was a perfect fit for our needs. They helped us with our technology needs and marketing campaigns. The design work is most impressive with them. Thank you.
  • 1a5edef1a6e9af10fb0a471d1be1eaa4 MS mini logo 77 77 c Home
    Heather Larson
    Mom's Skincare
    We needed lots of help with our website, marketing and advertising. We found Illumination Consulting and everything started to change for the better for us with our brand. They really understood, what we needed and were able to help us in all the areas. It is great working with just one company and get so much accomplished.
  • 674cb74732d88c211745d2a040bd65fd tilth beauty logo 77 77 c Home
    Tony Vargas
    Tilth Beauty
    Thanks to Illumination Consulting for all the excellent work and support. We established a brand new beauty brand and company with their help. In less then a year, we created a new brand, e-commerce website, and product line. They really knew our industry well and what is required.
  • 427d8fc7058f9a1c0311ba32e5fbf541 S mini logo 77 77 c Home
    Rachelle Dupree
    We are very thankful for all the help Illumination Consulting gave us with branding, our website, and online marketing. The team from Illumination was great to work with. They always went above and beyond, and we really appreciate it.
  • 999065842cb4480fa1046ae33ff7a726 CTN mini logo 77 77 c Home
    Dr. Cassandra Woods
    Children's Therapy Network
    To support the work we do with children, we wanted to get a new website and have certain functions available to us. I looked for a company that would be able to consult us and create the website. Working with Illumination was a wonderful experience, we got great website and plenty of marketing tools and knowledge to go with it.
  • 3a15d81b48dfd17e08fc25130418255b v mini logo 77 77 c Home
    Dr. Noushin Adhami
    We looked for a company to help us start a new skin care business and brand. The team at Illumination Consulting was perfect for us. They helped us in all the areas we needed the most assistance with. Being able to work with just one vendor is great. We love our brand. Thanks to the people at Illumination for the great work and friendly support.
  • 84f6490f3e94e18eda1e0ec4693e7c7a honeymark logo 77 77 c Home
    Frank Buonanotte
    Honeymark International
    “People love our new website. Our customers find it attractive and easy to navigate. Illumination consultants created the perfect architecture for us and design. They even helped out with website content and conversion tools. Their marketing team continues to grow our business and help us increase sales. “
  • b028a081cf43724ff4f4f481eb2377bd Is mini logo 77 77 c Home
    Brian Stewart
    Vision Entertainment
    "When you follow Illuminations Consulting counsel, you get quick results. Their advice was intelligent, honest and their work helped us greatly. They have very knowledgeable consultants. Created and managed our marketing campaigns and we achieved impressive results."
  • 6a260ea9c25f23a6e030d4c72437d5f1 spi logo 77 77 c Home
    Cliff Haskins
    Specialty Products
    “Illumination Consulting transformed our website into a critical part of our sales efforts, then tailored a search engine optimization campaign, which has significantly increased our traffic from a year ago. This is a knowledgeable, effective team that has their clients' success as focus.”
  • 724da5e1b26fe710182d2fb89c1782c2 Starseed mini logo 77 77 c Home
    Sarah Jacobs
    Starseed Skincare
    "We wanted to improve the way we sell our skin care products online. We needed an experienced team to achieve this goal. Finding the right partner to help make this goal a reality was key. The smart and creative team at Illumination Consulting has helped establish a successful online business. Their experience and passion for digital commerce has helped to turn our vision into a reality."

Our Clients

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