10 E-Commerce Tips To Improve Sales

10 E-Commerce Tips To Improve Sales
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To improve online sales with e-commerce stores, websites must receive more traffic and have higher conversion rates. The challenge for most e-commerce websites and companies is how to get higher conversion rates. It is challenging enough trying to receive more traffic.

Marketing e-commerce websites to increase traffic can be a difficult journey, especially for competitive markets. Some industries online are very competitive such as skin care, legal, or automotive. New and established website owners look for ways to increase their traffic and online sales. To help, here are 10 e-commerce tips to improve sales.

10 E-Commerce Tips To Improve Sales

1. Ask experts if you don’t know how.

This is hard to admit sometimes; especially entrepreneurs can have difficulties with this. Certain things are better left to professionals and experts. Business owners and entrepreneurs should ask experts when they do not have proper internal staff.

2. Have reporting and statistical tools ready.

To track any efforts and results, a business and e-commerce website should have proper reporting and statistical tools ready and implemented. Reports and statistics are vital for tracking, adjusting, and reaching desired outcomes.

3. Have Top-Sellers listed on key pages.

To promote sales and increase them, e-commerce websites should have top-sellers listed on key pages such as the home page, landing pages, blog pages, and other relevant site pages.

4. List product and customer reviews.

Most CMS (Content Management Systems) or leased store solutions allow for the publishing of testimonials and product reviews. These reviews are critical to conversion of online sales and the improvement of it.

5. Have an active Newsletter.

One of the more effective methods to improve sales with e-commerce websites is through HTML Newsletters, going out to email addresses. Email marketing is highly effective with e-commerce sales and consumers.

6. Video marketing for e-commerce.

Video is very beneficial for e-commerce websites. Brands and companies can publish product introductions via videos, product reviews, testimonials, company announcements, and many other reasons.

7. Blogging to increase online sales.

Blogging is a great tool to increase online sales with e-commerce websites. Blogs attached with online stores can drastically improve website traffic; page indexing, and online sales.

8. Optimize website for search engines.

For a website to perform well in search engines, they must be optimized. Search optimized websites rank higher in search and can generate a lot more traffic, as well as online sales.

9. Offer the right incentives to increase sales.

To promote sales and get fans and customers to shop, the right incentives need to be created and advertised. Incentives can be discounts, specials, promotions, and other types to stimulate online sales.

10. Use quality CTA (Call-to-Action) for sales.

These CTA elements are critical for generating sales with e-commerce websites. They are especially effective with quality CTAs that are strategically placed and incorporate the right offers and incentives.

For best results, e-commerce websites must be Responsive Design now. Starting April 21, 2015 Google will dictate this with their latest algorithm change. Websites should be mobile-friendly (Responsive Design) anyway these days. Over 60% of people access the Internet via a mobile device now days.

To increase online sales with e-commerce websites, brands and companies should work with experts for best results. Professionals know how to increase online sales, improve website traffic, and the overall effectiveness of an online store in regards to generating sales, providing quality customer service, and profitability.


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