Dermalogica A Skin Care Marketing Success

Dermalogica A Skin Care Marketing Success
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Dermalogica, a skin care marketing leader in the beauty industry continues to evolve its marketing strategies for success. The beauty company and brand has continually created innovative skin care marketing and advertising strategies to further its brand.

When Jane and Raymond Wurwand founded Dermalogica in the 1980s and The International Dermal Institute, skin care professionals were not marketed to. The Wurwands made it their mission to empower and help skin care professionals become more successful skin entrepreneurs.

Skin Care Marketing And Selling Products Online

Dermalogica began selling its products through Dermalogica.com in response to online competition and a weaker local economy. The dermalogica website is a cutting edge skin care website offering self-service, speed mapping, which deals with skin analysis, and much more to assist their customers in product selection and skin care.

In addition, Dermalogica offers a free iPhone Application that enables customer to analyze their skin needs via their speed mapping.

Retailing Skin Care Products

Dermalogica has truly created a hands-on experience for their customers. The skin care brand continues to provide its customers with new opportunities to learn more about their skin care needs and their skin health in general. To achieve a personal approach through their retail distribution, Dermalogica focuses on three main strategies.

Face Mapping – A free comprehensive skin analysis.

Skin Bar – A place to sample skin care products in a social environment.

MicroZone Treatments – These are micro-facial treatments focused on a specific area for improvement.

Touring Dermalogica

Next to a well established online presence, retail distribution, Dermalogica took the brand on tour to strengthen their skin care marketing strategy. The company embarked on tours to bring products, knowledge, and expertise to professional skin care entrepreneurs and customers.

Dermalogica has continually evolved with their marketing strategies, keeping professional skin care products at the forefront of the beauty industry. As customers shifted to online sales, the brand continued to expand their presence online.

As a leading brand, skin care marketing strategies have to be comprehensive and tailored to the desired target market. For brands that want to ensure better chances at success, skin care business consulting services can drastically help a beauty company. Skin care business experts can quickly bring value to a beauty company through their expertise, marketing services, and technology solutions.

Skin care brands can schedule and talk to industry experts to become more aware of their options and certain requirements to succeed in their respective niche markets. Strategies can be discussed and elaborated on to shed some light to what is required to be successful.

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