Skin Care SEO and SEM Basics

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SEO, skin care SEOSearch engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) are important tools for business growth. Experts tell us that businesses without online strategies rarely survive. Benefits are not limited to nationwide companies as 95 percent of smartphone users find themselves searching for local information according to a recent Google study. Skin care SEO and SEM practices should benefit companies of all sizes doing business on all scales.

By following a few simple tips, skin care businesses can make search engines work for them. SEO involves increasing the ranking of a website in search results by making small changes to the site. SEM may include SEO but also encompasses pay-per-click (PPC) and other paid online advertising. To use PPC, a company bids on keywords used in searches and pays only when its ad is clicked.

To harness what SEM and SEO have to offer, a skin care entrepreneur must understand what sets the business apart from its competition. This requires determining the expertise of the business and tailoring marketing messages to promote this aspect. To reach targeted online consumers, the marketing message must be indexed by search engines. Labeling and organizing content logically are effective ways to make this happen.

The website homepage should connect to all online content, a process called spidering. Begin by creating basic skin care information on the home page and develop individual pages for each type of skin care product or treatment. Add a page that explains the benefits of each ingredient and another that describes the importance of skin care throughout history. Information should be broken down logically, with a clear linking process throughout the website.

Research reveals that more than 66 percent of online searches are conducted on Google. Skin care businesses should use the many tools that Google provides for webmasters. Create a Google Webmasters account, which informs the search engine of the website. Claim the company page on Google+ because pages for this social media network rank high on search results lists. In addition, they are tied to Google Maps so users can locate physical storefronts.

With the Google AdWords PPC marketing tool, business owners establish a budget, Google sets up the advertising, and the process is highly automated. Start with a $100 monthly PPC budget and identify which keywords equate to the largest number of clicks and sales. Use this information to refine website content and paid ads so future skin care SEO and SEM efforts are more effective.

*Photo Courtesy of Danard Vincente via Creative Commons License

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