10 Benefits Derived From Business Blogs And Blogging

10 Benefits Derived From Business Blogs And Blogging
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For the companies that do not know this yet, blogging is one of the most valuable tools a business has to engage with customers and the desired target audience. Company blogs that are properly setup and optimized can drastically increase website traffic, search engine rankings, and page indexing by search giants such as Google. Benefits derived from business blogs and blogging are hard to ignore as a business.

Companies that have an active blog as part of their business website tend to get over 400% more pages indexed by search engines such as Google. There are numerous benefits that blogs bring to a business, below are 10 benefits derived from business blogs and blogging.

1. 60% of business and companies that operate a blog and are blogging frequently acquire 60% more customers, according to HubSpot survey.

2. Blogging delivers lots of ammunition for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns.

3. Blogs are one of the most cost-effective marketing investments. Each article published on the blog is a long-term asset, which develops brand awareness, and search engine rankings results.

4. A business can establish themselves as an authority on particular subjects, when writing for a blog about specific topics.

5. Blogging supports Social Media Marketing (SMM) campaigns. Unique and relevant content is a major part of social media marketing. Company blogs provide the much-needed content to be shared across all relevant social media channels.

6. A business blog improves conversion rates for a company. Active blogs make a company seem very active and alive. Overall ROI is more likely to increase for companies with active blogs. Businesses who blog, experience a 13x increase in ROI.

7. Blogs with articles over 400 words tend to help a website drastically increase leads. Research shows pages of content between 400-1000 words receive 6x more leads. More content leads to more quote requests, forms filled out, newsletter sign-ups, and sales.

8. A business blog is a great tool to develop a niche community relevant to the company’s products, industry, services, and so on. A business blog provides a company a voice to a much larger audience. It provides an opportunity to connect with potential customers.

9. Improved communication through company blogging. A company blog can be an easy method to get the message out. It is a fast way to create, publish, and distribute valuable industry related content and brand messages.

10. Create stronger emotional bonds with customers and audience through business blogging. A business blog enables a company to communicate frequently with readers and potential customers establishing trust, credibility, and loyalty.

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